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Here are the top 7 reasons I write and market articles:

1. I love to bust limitations - I did not finish my PhD in marriage and family therapy because I believed I could not write. I get a kick out of busting my own limitations and those of others.

2. I am committed to modeling what I teach - I see so many "internet marketing gurus" that do not do or no longer do what they teach. Since I teach article writing and marketing with my TheArticleGuy.com website, I want to continue modeling what I am teaching.

3. I can't not write - Once you have done this for awhile, you can get to the place where you could not not write. You feel compelled to do something with this idea flood. I consider this to be a good place to be.

4. This the single most powerful tool - There are very few tools out there that cost you nothing but time that gets such and incredible return. Article writing and marketing is the single most powerful tool I have found for creating more prospects, publicity and profits.

5. More prospects - Article writing and marketing brings me new prospects each and every day. What else do you know that does that for free?

6. More publicity - Article writing and marketing can dramatically up your expert-ability. When someone is checking you out and they Google your name and see article after article by you, that is killer publicity.

7. More profits - Prospects become customers and clients. It's as simple as that.

Visit The Article Guy for more leading edge tips and tools for writing articles that bring you prospects, publicity and profits. You can also subscribe to our monthly Article Writing & Marketing Tips Newsletter. You are also invited to visit my Express-Start Article Writing Program for more information on the next article writing tele-seminar.




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