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Don't give up?

So you've got this far, you've viewed some Articles by other authors or you've found a topic now that one else is writing about and you're ready to start you're all psyched up and ready to go and then?

?This is it, this is it I'm going to write an article and then your mind goes blank and the thought of writing an article brings you back to those days when you sat at school and churned out page after page of essays for homework and then you think ?I cant do this? and you want to give up. But don't!

You may think that everyone that writes any article must have been an ?A? class student at English and loved writing and that they just sit at a computer and the words just flow out, but for some of us that's far from the truth. Don't worry if you first attempt bombs and only a few people read that's fine some of mine have don't give up now before you've even started. Think about what you'll achieve by writing your first article, the people you'll help and the sense of achievement of having an article published, floating around somewhere out there in cyberspace with your name on it.

But, if you still having a hard time here's a couple of tips you can try out to help get you started

?Make a list of questions about your topic, the frequently asked questions and then make a top 5 or 10 list (you could have too much information for one article so why not spread it over a couple of articles!).

?Have you got a funny story related to your subject, everyone like's a good laugh and be entertained. You could try to work this into an article.

?Make a list of the best free resources or best websites people could use on your subject and give a review of each. People love free things so this could get passed around a lot. And don't be afraid that by sending people to other websites that you're shooting yourself in the foot and going to lose money or visitors. You'll also come across as being helpful and also an expert on your topic.

?What new in the news on your subject, is there a new gadget out or a new way of doing things for better results?

?Do you disagree with what's being said on your topic, give your opinion. Not everyone will agree with you but it's a way of making a name for yourself as long as it's done correctly and not just trying to find fault with everything that's being said.

And after all that you should have a couple of article ideas so off you go and get typing and when you're finished send a copy over to us at http://www.barryjmcdonald.com and we'll put it with all the other great articles we have.

By: Barry McDonald




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