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You are gazing out the window of your room, the curtains still half drawn slightly bulging from the gentle breeze. It is a picturesque spring day, mid morning.

You turn back from your gaze that seemed to last but only a moment. The harsh reality hits you square between the eyes, you have to write this new page or article before you to can enjoy this day.

Only problem is you have been staring at the blank page for the last two hours trying to come up with the perfect, or as close to it, idea. Another hour passes as you have two cups of coffee, some biscuits, a chat with the dog, pacing up and down the passage, and you have still not come up with a single word.

It is true that you cannot turn your creativity on and off as you please, a few lucky ones can but for the most of us it is rather an impossible task.

Strangely enough, these modern computers that we own, with all the bells and whistles still don't help us a single bit when we have to write or create something, it is just a patient assistant.

Next time you need to come up with something new and fresh follow these steps and they will lead you to getting your idea written.

Pick a word for your topic, any word that relates to your idea or product at this point in time.

Go to your overture keyword tool and type in your word. Sift through the results and choose five keyword phrases that describes your idea more clearly than the single word you wrote down.

Sit back, relax and think over it for a while, maybe even get another cup of coffee. The important thing now is not to try and rush the writing, if you do you will just have to do it all over again, have patience.

When you come back jot down some ideas that relate to your subject and scramble the phrases you wrote down around.

These will become your main themes.

Open Google search and click on the advanced search. The reason for using advanced search is that it will return good results unlike a normal web search where you have to filter through piles of pages before you get to what you are interested in. This type of search will save you a lot of time.

Getting ideas off the top of your head is not always that easy so we will find a ways to help us. This is a good way to go about finding information if you have no idea what words to put into a sentence let alone write 800 word article about it.

Type each of your main themes, words or keyword phrases into the tool. Set it to show 10 results. Open the sites one by one and firstly determine if what you see, is relevant to what you want to write. If so read through the content once or twice and take out the main elements or ideas you find to be important to your article.

Go through all ten. You will find that only about half will be relevant to you. You will probably also come across ideas or information you never even thought of in the first place, which is a huge bonus for a little work.

As you research write the ideas or headings for ideas down in your document. Don't worry what it looks like at this stage just keep on going.

Once you have finished with the research, give yourself a break just to clear your mind. Take a walk with the dog, talk to the trees and plants and in so doing amuse the neighbors. At least they now have something to talk about.

Go back to your computer and start sorting the info you wrote down, don't rewrite yet, first cut and paste in the page so that you have an article that will make sense, and remember to have a beginning, middle and end.

Once you have completed, start rewriting your information in sentences and paragraphs, easily readable and understandable.

This is one way that works, if you have no idea what you want to write about, or how to write it. The research might take some time but you can be sure you will have a valuable article for your readers by the time you are finished, not just garble.

Happy Writing!

Karl Stadler is a internet marketer and author. Here is a site with some interesting information about dogs Dog Info




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