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10 March 2006 10.25am

Those two simple words and the date are important because what I am about to reveal could change your life.

In July 2001 I attended an all day seminar in London which set me on a journey which is only now coming to some sort of conclusion. Yes it's taken 5 years. If you are interested in making your name on the internet you won't have to go through the same trauma.

The seminar was all about a so called business opportunity.

We were shown how to do business online and the basis was about re-sale rights products. We were granted the rights to 25 products as part of the deal. I really saw the great potential opportunities. It really blew me away.

It was a costly seminar and in the intervening years I have spent a lot of money trying to do business on the web. I created a web site. No traffic, no sales!

I bought books on selling online, search engines, keywords, affiliate programs, ezines, autoresponders, you name it, I've got it. All on the shelf above my head as I write this.

If only I had known what I now know. You've heard that before.

Well I don't mind admitting I have enjoyed the chase but it has taken some sticking with. I don't like to be beaten and at long last by submitting articles I am making progress and starting to make a little money.

I have a good site, a growing list of subscribers to my Business Bulletin and the number of site visitors has started to increase rapidly since I started to submit articles to the article directories.

                                        Jan      Feb    To March 10th
 Daily Average Visitor Growth % 	5.5	15.7	37.8

In the last three months it has all come together and in my mind I now have a clear plan for the way ahead which is simple.

Simple because it is based on doing a few easy tasks which take a few minutes involving one thing that I have come to enjoy. Writing and submitting articles.

If you are going to do business of any sort you have to be able to present yourself well. In person and in the written word. Online the written word is paramount. This is where it all starts but I suspect that is where it may end for some.

I remember school where writing a composition was a drudge. I hated it. Didn't know what to write about and couldn't write anyway.

In my working life I had to master getting it down in writing, usually with the help of secretaries, but some reports had to be hand written so I have had chance to practice. Style is another matter and I am aware that I get into heavy business speak too easily. Please forgive that.

My point is there is no need to let the writing be an obstacle if you want to start an online business. You can learn how to create articles on your favorite topics and submit them to article directories so that you get published all over the internet.

You can make money with your articles. No need even for a web site.

Explore the links below where you will learn how to be published online.

Article by Michael Harrison, Author, Publisher and Business Consultant. Learn from an expert: Go to: http://www.be-your-own-business-expert.com/Submit_An_Article.html. Learn How to Submit Articles In 30 Minutes: http://www.be-your-own-business-expert.com/Submit_Articles.html

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