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Are you an Article Marketing Maniac, like me? Take the Quiz and discover your "article attitude"... then take the incentive to write even more articles and grow your online business!

Instructions: Circle or write down each of your answers for the following questions. When you're done, go back and find the numerical score for each letter you selected. Add it up and tally your total. Quizzes are an easy and fun break from the work day!

1. I do my best article brainstorming:

a. first thing in the morning (4)
b. while scourging other people's content (1)
c. What is an article brainstorm? (0)
d. during the full moon of the autumnal equinox (2)

2. On the average, I submit about ___ new articles per month

a. I'm supposed to submit my articles? (0)
b. Oh, about five or so (2)
c. 25-50 (4)
d. Are you kidding? I lost count long ago! (5)

3. I use keywords in the title and body of my article:

a. only when I'm in the mood (2)
b. only if the Article Police are watching (1)
c. just call me the Keyword Turkey... I'm all about the
stuffing (1) d. I don't think keywords are necessary to write a web article (0)

4. Sometimes if I don't feel like writing my web articles myself, I assign them to:

a. an experienced ghostwriter who knows about SEO (4)
b. an intern who I found on the web (2)
c. my kid sister (1)
d. an unknown party who has no idea I am stealing his content (hee hee) (0)

5. The reason I write web articles is:

a. I'm hoping someone will read them and want to ask me on a date (0)
b. Nobody responds to my emails anymore (1)
c. I want to get exposure for my business and become an expert in my field! (4)
d. All of the above (2)

6. My favorite article submission site is:

a. IdeaMarketers.com (3)
b. EzineArticles.com (4)
c. Crazy Joe's Article Basement (0)
d. Wikipedia.com (1)

7. Whenever I learn something new, I immediately want to:

a. cry (0)
b. tell all my friends (1)
c. write an article about it (4)
d. blog about it (3)

8. When I'm not busy running my business, I am:

a. running on the treadmill (1)
b. taking pills (0)
c. writing articles (4)
d. shopping on eBay (1)

9. In my approach to article marketing, I am usually:

a. completely random - I write about whatever, whenever. (1)
b. very organized. I like to outline my articles point by point. (3)
c. super-strategic: I plan campaigns that include a large number of topic-related articles to hit one target market hard! (4)
d. skeptical. There are better forms of SEO. (0)

10. My article's author bio:

a. includes the unmasked URL of a tripod, geocities or other free site (1)
b. includes one registered domain (URL) and a call to action (4)
c. includes 2 or more URLS (2)
d. reveals my email address (1)
e. reveals someone else's email address (0)

11. If I had my own RSS feed of personal articles, I would:

a. try to convince people to put it on their websites (3)
b. probably not care - I can always just make my own links (1)
c. take that as an incredible initiative to write MORE articles! (4)
d. none of the above (0)


0-19: Ouch. If your score is under 11 points, we have to wonder if you are really someone's cat who's been walking on the keyboard again. (Hey Kitty! Off the equipment!) If you're in the 11-19 range, okay we'll give you Article Dabbler. Maybe you find yourself lured to that article submission box but don't know why? Perhaps there lives a magical article marketer inside of you who is just waiting to come out! Why not just jump in - create a membership with EzineArticles.com and write a couple of articles as a warmup. There, didn't that feel good? I knew you could do it.

20-28: Average Joe Article. Okay, so you're not taking home article first prize but you seem to have a good idea of how to put together a decent web article... now all you need is the incentive to submit more! Now would be a good time to go read other articles written by experts. Read, write, learn, test it out! With any luck you'll be joining the ranks of article officials who know how easy it is to write fun, informative articles that mean big-time exposure and increasing credibility for your biz!

29-37: Expert Author. The Article Gods are smiling because they like what they see. You're keeping those submissions flowing, trying out some campaign themes, beefing up that author resource box... good for you! Why not take it to the next level? Create a few more memberships, maybe think about massive bulk submissions. Ever thought about teaching article school? Now there's a cash incentive!

38 or better: Article Superstar! Might as well face it, you're addicted to article marketing. Those article submission sites are going to have to increase their bandwidth and add more storage if they expect to keep up with you! Have you thought about going "pro" and creating some article marketing info products that others can learn from? Heck, why not. Article Power! Pass it on.

Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto. All rights reserved.

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