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Top Ten Reasons to Write Articles for Free Publication Online

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Many writers struggle with the decision of whether or not to write "for free" - however - unless you are a wealthy, professionally published author - I believe there are many advantages to writing articles and offering them for free publication online.

Writers can truly benefit from submitting their articles to online databases for publishers to view and perhaps choose to publish in their newsletters or on their websites (for free).

Below is my list of the top ten reasons you should write articles and allow them to be published for free online.

The first, most obvious benefit to you as a writer, is the opportunity to get your work published.

The second reason is FREE PUBLICITY! - Most article databases online allow you to include a "resource box" at the end of your article. See
Part Two


for an index of lists and web sites where you can submit your articles for free publication.

The resource box is your opportunity to SELL yourself, your web site, your products, your services etc... Below is an example of a resource box:

Resource Box - ? Danielle Hollister (2004)
Danielle Hollister is the Writing Host at BellaOnline
and Publisher of BellaOnline's Writing Zine
to subscribe send email to:
[email protected]

By writing articles for free publication on a specific topic, you can establish yourself as an expert in that field.

By submitting your work to article databases and allowing newsletters and web sites to publish it for free, you multiply the potential number of visitors to your site dramatically.

(For example: If you write an article and publish it on your website or submit to a paying publication (and it's accepted) - the only people who will see you work and/or visit your web site are either the people who already visit your website and/or the people who subscribe to the publication that prints your article. Where as, if you write an article and more than one newsletter and/or website publishes it, the chances are very good that a significantly larger number of readers will read and/or come to your website.)

There are literally thousands of newsletters publishers online - all looking for one thing - GREAT CONTENT. Your article(s) (if written well and about a popular subject) are definitely in demand.

It costs you nothing - not a dime - to submit your articles to databases for free publication online. The only thing that's required of you is your time (and your ability to write a good article that people will want to read).
Think about it - is there any other FREE way for writers to get published, recognized and publicized online?

There are two ways to submit your work for possible publication by websites/newsletters that are seeking submissions from writers for free publication. You can join and distribute your work via announcement lists or submit your articles to online databases.

You can also target your audience by submitting your articles to individual ezines. Prior to making individual submissions consider these two quick tips:

Locate ezine publishers that ACCEPT article submissions

Find out what the publisher's guidelines are for article submissions. You can easily access a list of prospective ezine publishers by visiting my new subtopic Ezine - Newsletter Directories.

By listing your work in article databases and/or submitting it directly to ezine publishers, you have the opportunity to establish new contacts and lasting relationships with professional publishers online.
Once publishers choose your articles for publication, they usually contact you via email to let you know when your work will be published in their publication (with a link to their web site). Their notification email to you will frequently include an invitation to submit more articles to their publication. (And if they do not directly invite you to contribute, they have still provided with their URL - which allows you to take the initiative to view their publication and consider possible future submissions.)

By getting your articles published online, you have opened the door for more traffic to your web site, new readers (possibly paying publishers and/or agents looking for good writers in a specific field), and name recognition across the web. Although writing articles for free publication does not pay you directly, it does provide the potential for earning money via product/class/service sales on your website.

? Danielle Hollister (2004) is the Publisher of the Free Ezine for Writers featuring news, reviews, and continuously updated links to the best resources for writers online like - freelancing & jobs, markets & publishers, literary agents, classes & contests, and more... Read it online at - http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art157.asp




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