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Many aspire to become a writer. We know this by looking at all the books at the bookstore shelves. Today as I look for a rival to compete against for top honors of the most prolific online article writer of all times on the Internet I see none. Considering the incredible number of writers in the world, the number of books and the amount of credence our societies and civilizations give to these people we call writers; it seems rather bizarre that I find no competition.

Consider for a moment my position. I spend 10-30 minutes a piece on the articles I write and have now written 4000 articles (many longer but using this for round numbers); That is 1,333 Hours. Let's put this into perspective at a 40-hour workweek that is 33 weeks worth of work or 8.3 months of solid work.

So, you mean to tell me of all the writers in the World there are none who have felt it worthy of their time to put in that little amount of effort in their life's work? There must be at least 4 million people in the World who site their profession as; writer. Of all these 4-million people, we do not see anyone on the Internet with 4,000 articles. That seems interesting to me. Most of these writers are full of hot air and have something to say, even profess to be somewhat ?all-knowing? yet when put to the test they fall short.

Why is it that writers sit around all day and judge everyone else and have an opinion about everything, yet cannot find it in themselves to maintain an unending supply of material to write on? You would think that writers for all their self-proclaimed intelligence and knowledge that they could do better than that. Personally, I am not so impressed with writers. In fact my personal advice to you; be careful what you read. Consider this in 2006.

Currently Lance is retired at age 40 and is running an Online Think Tank Forum while traveling North America. Perhaps considering something extremely challenging to do that will exercise his mind and utilize all his experiences, observations and skills. Any ideas? http://www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs




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