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Welcome !  You Will See This Web 2.0 Marketing Bonanza Only Once in 2011!


Here's The Total Social Media Marketing Bonanza Sell Out! Opened To You
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"107+ Hand-Picked Web Marketing 2 Solutions that Catapults Your Online Business into the Dizzy Heights of Web 2.0 Marketing & Social Media Marketing Arena Coolly Driving in - Unbelievable Amount of Targeted Traffic, Never Before Seen Profits, Achieving Top Ranks in Search Engines - and Everything Finally Synchronizing into 1000% More Subscribers, Customers and Solid Countable Cash...!"

Warning! What You Knew-To-Be True Yesterday About Online Business Could be Totally Redundant Today ... Unless You Show the Will to Accept & Integrate the Emerging Web Marketing 2.0 Tools to Your Online Business Immediately!

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Dear Dynamic Web 2.0 Internet Marketer ,

The facts are plain...

Social media marketing is going to stay and YOU and I cannot stand on the bylines watching other smarter marketers ripping through our business using all the Web 2.0 marketing resources. Lets not blame them.  It is because of our own callousness in recognizing and accepting the emerging new ways of doing business online that is stagnating our business.

Instead of embracing new methods with open arms and profiting from them, some of us are still living in the past as we watch our own businesses being rooted out!

It's time for the fight back and to adopt the much needed change!

It's time for us NOT only to think in terms of Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing but actually getting down to implementing them and profiting from them!


SAN MATEO, Calif., – Coremetrics, the leading provider of digital marketing optimization solutions, announced the results of its Second Annual ‘Face of the New Marketer’ survey was surprising! They found that...

"78% of of marketing professionals polled in the survey see social media marketing as a way to gain competitive edge, BUT only 7.75% of total online marketing spend is devoted to it"

However, your competitors are fast catching up on the Web 2.0 Marketing field. The survey also reveals...
  • 58% of respondents have implemented user generated content or reviews in the past year.
  • 31% of respondents have implemented a blog in the past year.
  • 25% of respondents have implemented an RSS feed in the past year.

And it's much easier than you think to put a solid Web 2.0 marketing plan in place!

But what is Web 2.0 Marketing Or Social Media Marketing?

Traditional marketing is a tightly controlled process! Messages are developed, crafted, and delivered in an organized way. With Web Marketing 2.0, this pyramid-of-influence model gives way to peer-to-peer communication.

You might even call it a power shift of seismic proportions to YOU - the customer!

In plain terms, it’s all about connecting to your prospects through,

  • Social Media sites like Social Photo & Video Sharing (flickr, picasa, YouTube  etc.)

  • Social Networks (MySpace, Facebook, etc)

  • Social Bookmarking (del.icio.us, furl)

  • Blog publishing

  • RSS content feeds

  • Viral marketing

  • And so on...

It's also about making our websites more interactive with the visitor, making it simple and plain with lot of visitor choices thrown in for collaboration. It is about that 'Halo' effect emanating from your site!

It's more about making your presence felt through out the various forms of Web 2.0 sites that has the in-built capacity to propagate your business way beyond traditional methods.

And , you can't afford to ignore this new marketing engine that is shaping up!

All of us (you, me and all those who have access to the Internet) can now compete and win in the new Web 2.0 Marketing World!

And here are the some of the Top Marketing Opportunities lurking behind the Web 2.0 marketing platform waiting to be unleashed, once you adopt the Web Marketing 2.0 methods. No matter what your online business is!

  1. Lets You Build Your Personal Brand: Web 2.0 technologies allows YOU to becoming a brand in and yourself. This can translate into a group of loyal communities to you. Which in turn provides a solid platform to perform viral marketing. This allows you to perpetuate and accelerate word of mouth - the best form of publicity ever discovered!

  2. Empowers You To Get Across Your Message To The Right People:  You can generate new knowledge, by combining information from multiple sources and by tapping into the expertise of an entire community.  These connections  can help businesses operate faster and more efficiently.

  3. Lets You Collaborate & Reap In profits:  The person-to-person connections that Web 2.0 creates can be used as a powerful prospect generation and Affiliate team-building weapon to drive your business through the roof!

  4. Lets You Build Your Credibility In Half The Time: More and more and more of your hot prospects will start looking up to you as an expert, your reputation sells for itself!.

  5. Lets You Show Up At The Right & Best Places:  As an Internet marketer, you must know the places where you should be and then convert your presence into targeted traffic. The potential for traffic here is much more than that you ever got!

  6. Better Search Engine Traffic:  Being linked to by a lot of high PR Web 2.0 sites,  your site climbs the search engine rankings as well.  Your site gets spidered quite frequently and more deeply than other conventional methods. For .e.g. Article marketing.

  7. Leverage Other's Social Networks And Contacts:  Leveraging time, money and contacts puts you in the driver's seat. Your marketing results don't stop when you stop advertising.

  8. Lets You Be Part Of The Multimedia Wave:  Create short videos and post them to YouTube and similar video-sharing sites for free! The effect of videos and audios can spring your business to the top boards easily.

  9. Lets You Be The Remarkable Guy/Girl:  You can offer interesting material to your viewers that they can use, bookmark, and share on/offline. Social media marketing is thus a form of ultimate viral marketing. Interesting ideas, content and your products gets spread like wild fire reaping you continual profits.

In short, Web 2.0 lets you think creatively and then make good marketing choices that has a higher success rate than the average Web 1.0 methods.

To meet the Web 2.0 marketing demands for your business, you need the right tools and clear cut strategies...

And Here You Have All Of My Chosen, Proven And Laser Targeted Web Marketing 2.0 Tools To Shoot Up Your Online Income To The Next Level -- Without Fail & With Full Confidence !

Special Note: These tools are chosen, easy to implement, solid and absolutely the best. Make no mistake about it. You will REALLY get to know what Web 2.0 is about, how it works, and how you can bring about a tremendous increase on to your current income levels.


The Greatest Web 2.0 Marketing Tools Ever Assembled
Sizzling Social Media Marketing Tools!
All Under One Roof!

( A Continually Updated Web 2.0 Marketing Package With All Future Additions Free To You - Not As A Matter Of Favor But As A Matter Of Your Birth Right ! )

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Tycoon Scheduler Pro

 Completely automate your twitter tasks with Tycoon Scheduler Pro - The fully automated Twitter Autoposter!

Comes with excellent Installation Guide


"Finally! Here's an Exciting Brand New Twitter Autoposter Software that Puts All Your Tweeting Activities on Autopilot With Full Control Vested With You... Set it Once and Forget it!"

Just like an email broadcast at a pre-set time, you can do the same with your tweets. You can even set up a series of tweets as you do in an autoresponder.!...

!-Latest Release!

 Worth $19

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Yoono...Who New!
Brand New Video

 The Secret Strategy Very Few Even Know About... And Even Fewer Are Using!

Yoono - Web 2.0 Marketing tactics



Get Your Hands on The brand New Video That Introduces You The UNTAPPED Traffic Stream That Very Few Have Even Heard Of...!

Brand New Step-by-Step Video Reveals How To Explode Your Traffic Using Web 2.0 Marketing..!

 Unrestricted Private Label Rights Worth $47

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StumbleUpon Bribe Machine

 Get Your Site Automatically Bookmarked On Stumble Upon!

StumbleUpon Bribe Machine - Social Media Marketing Software


Automated Social Networking Software Attracts Thousands of Highly Targeted Visitors To Your Websites Using Ethical Bribes!

Ethically "bribe" your site visitors to take an action that shares your website with others on StumbleUpon (viral marketing).

 Unrestricted Private Label Rights Worth $67

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Kaboodle It - Videos!

 Comes With WMV Source Files!

Kaboodle - Web 2.0 Marketing Videos


Share Recommendations and Discover New Things From the Kaboodle Community......

  • Discover new things from people with similar taste and style

  • Recommend and discuss your favorite products and stores

  • Simplify your life with wish lists and shopping lists ..!

 Unrestricted Private Label Rights Worth $27

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Digg Bribe Machine

 Get Your Site Automatically Bookmarked On Digg!

Digg Bribe Machine - Social Media Marketing Software


The Digg Bribe Machine Allows You To Ethically "Bribe" Your Site Visitors To Take An Action That Shares Your Website With Others On The Digg Network!

Ethically "bribe" your site visitors to bookmark and share your website with others on Digg (viral marketing).

 Unrestricted Private Label Rights Worth $67

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Squidoo Lens Builder Pro

 Step by step through the easy to use format modeled exactly after the Squidoo lens modules needed to rank well in search engines!


"Create Squidoo Lenses with Ease Using The Proven Custom Outline that Takes all the Guesswork on what needs to be included in your lens."

!-Latest Release!

 Personal Use Rights Worth $27


HubPage Builder Pro

 Create Hubpages with ease using our proven custom outline that takes all the guesswork on what needs to be included in your Hubs!


"Even if You've Never Written or Created a Hubpage Before or You Hate Writing, the Hubpage Builder Pro Desktop Software...Will Have You Creating Hubs at Lightning Speed."

!-Latest Release!

 Personal Use Rights Worth $27


Web 2.0 MiniSites Templates & OTO Templates!

 Get The Professional Look That Not Only Builds Trust But Also Entices Your Prospects To Buy!


Money Making Web 2.0 MiniSites Templates And OTO Template Package That Is The "Silver Bullet" You Need To Take Your Online Business To The Next Level Of Success!!

 With Master Resale Rights Worht $49.97

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Twitter It - Videos!

 Comes With WMV Source Files!

Twitter - Web 2.0 Marketing Videos


Use The Power Of Micro-Blogging To Harness The Power Of Social Marketing To Your Advantage!

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

 Unrestricted Private Label Rights Worth $27

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Facebook Social Ads
The New Adwords

 Facebook Social Ads - The New Adwords has already helped hundreds of people make money on Facebook, let it help you too!

Facebook Social Ads - New Web 2.0 marketing strategy

Are You Ready To Run Ahead Of The Pack With The Best Web 2.0 Monetization Guide Ever Written?!

If you are serious about slicing off just a small piece of the world's most popular social networking website, then this is the eBook you need to read!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $37

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YahooAnswers Traffic Guide - Videos

 ...How to use Yahoo! Answers to build your websites, locate hot topics, and conduct market research easily!

Yahoo Answers - social media marketing videos


Let Loose A Tidal Wave Of Traffic Using YahooAnswers And Instantly Flood Your Website With As Much Traffic As Your Server Can Handle Using The Answers Community!

The Yahoo! Answers Traffic Guide & Videos will make it easy to launch a blog or website at no cost! Direct traffic to ANY page you wish within seconds - No waiting days for results!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $27

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Dominate The Web 2.0 Market

 ...From here on out all of your marketing will be free!

Social Media Marketing - Dominate The Web 2.0 Market

Master The New Rules Of Marketing! Learn How You Too Can Dominate The Web 2.0 Market!

The internet is a competitive market and waiting can mean the difference between success and failure. Most internet companies fail during the first year. Are you willing to risk your business and your pocketbook? Or do you want to dominate the Web 2.0 market now and be on your way to success?!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $27

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Social Marketing Directory

 The Final Authority...!


Social Marketing Directory 2008 and Beyond!

The Social Marketing Directory is a Master Resource List - With Three Categories of Social (Web 2.0) Sites That You Can Use to Create Your Very Own Streams of Highly Targeted Traffic/Subscribers/Sales for Your Websites in 2008 and Beyond!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $19.95

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Three Social Marketing Videos

 Advantage YOU - with Stumble upon, Yahoo! Answers and BEBO!


How to use "BEBO" For YOUR Business, Yahoo! Answers to Draw Targeted Traffic and StumbleUpon to Rank Higher in The Search Engines!

Drive Laser Targeted Quality Traffic To Your Site For Free!

 Unrestricted Private Label Rights $37

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Squidoo Basics

 Use Squidoo to skyrocket your credibility and trustworthiness using Web 2.0 technology…!


How to Use “Squidoo” to Launch Your Business and Persuade Thousands of Visitors To Pay You For Your Expert Knowledge And Products!

Are you taking advantage of the #1 site on the Web for people interested in promoting their passions while making money, FREE?!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $37

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Hub Blueprint

 ...Replicate It With Any Niche You Are In 100% Guaranteed!


Average Joe Reveals The Stupid-Simple Hottest Web 2.0 Traffic Property That Brought In 10,658 FREE Visitors in 6 Days!

Nothing In Internet Marketing is HARD. So Please, Spare the “It's Too Hard” Speech Because it Simply is Not True...!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $37

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Web 2.0 For Newbies

 If you have questions about Web 2.0, now is the time to find the answers. Introducing the only one-of-its-kind guide revealing the deep, dark and honest secrets of Web 2.0...!


Web 2.0 Is Not A New Technology, But It WILL Provide You An EASIER, SIMPLER AND CHEAPER Way To Collaborate, Communicate, And MAKE MONEY On The Web…!

Find Out How To Triple Your Traffic Cheaply, Easily, And Conveniently Using Web 2.0!!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $37

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Craiglist Advertising Revealed

 Draw Millions To Your Site Using The Web’s #1 Advert Site – It’s FREE!

craiglist advertsing - Social marketing

Are You STILL Wasting Money On Ads That Don’t Work? Well Stop The Madness…!

Craigslist.com – the only free advertising source on the Web guaranteed to attract millions of visitors monthly… (but only if you get to the top of the “List”, and stay there)…

 Master Resale Rights Worth $19.97

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Bookmark Your Business

 Don't Pay For Uninterested Traffic. Get Dedicated Customers For Free!


Stop Throwing Spaghetti At The Wall To See What Works. Drive The Traffic You Need Now With Social Bookmarking!

Boost Your Traffic By Harnessing The Power Of Social Bookmarking…

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The YouTube Revolution

 Anyone, regardless of their technological ability, can use YouTube by following a simple, three-step strategy…!

YouTube Revolution - Social Media Marketing


Discover The Latest Technological Innovation To Hit The Web Since Its Creation, And Find Out How You Can Use YouTube To Become An Overnight Celebrity!

Tips And Tools To Help You Maximize Your Exposure On YouTube…

 Master Resale Rights Worth $19.97

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Web 2.0 Buy Buttons
Web 2.0 Style Squeeze Page Templates

 Listen, these Buy Buttons sets aren't your average run-of-the-mill Buy Buttons. They're like micro sales centers of your Web 2.0 Marketing!


Grab 48 Sets Of Powerful "Web 2.0 Style Buy Buttons" Designed To Motivate Your Potential Customers To Click That Button! - And Get You The Sale!!

Your "Buy Button" could be the most powerful element of your Sales Page! It's the last thing your prospects will see while deciding whether to plunk down their cold hard cash to buy your product!!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $49.97

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20 Web2.0 Style Mini Site Templates

 Win The Trust Of Your Website Visitors With Good, Professional Design....!


"Grab 20 Professionally Designed, Web2.0 Style Mini Site Templates In HTML, Photoshop And For XSitePro... And Kick-Start Your Money-Making Mini Sites In A FLASH!!"

Additionally... Grab 80 *New* Converting Web Graphic Icons, Order Buttons And Guarantee Seals As Exclusive Bonus!


 Private Label Rights $20.00

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Traffic 2.0

 Traffic 2.0 manual was born out of the necessity of conducting Web 2.0 Marketing in daily online marketing life....!


"Fed Up With Spending Dozens Of Hours Driving Traffic Without Seeing A Lick Of Benefit? Try Driving Traffic With Web 2.0 Marketing!"

The most sophisticated traffic driving methods using the latest Web 2.0 technology revealed for you take advantage of!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $37.00

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Web 2.0 Graphic Elements

 Easily Add High Resolution Web 2.0 elements To Your Site...!

web 2 buttons - Web 2.0 Marketing

"By Simply Adding Professional Web 2.0 Graphic Elements to Your Sales Pages You Can Increase Your Conversions by Up to 300%!"

An amazing collection of professionally designed web 2.0 graphic elements that are not only high quality but incredibly affordable! (over 300 total graphics)


 Master Resale Rights $27.00

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Viral YouTube Traffic

 New Report Reveals Amazing Ways Of Using YouTube To Source Bursting Traffic That Few Marketers Are Using...!


"Hidden Areas Of YouTube Unearthed To Drive Unlimited New Visitors To Your Websites Without Paying A Penny For Traffic Using Free Online Viral Video Sites Like YouTube?"

Step By Step Instructions And A List Of Resources You Can Use To Create Great Viral Videos!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $17.00

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Underground Squidoo Profit Tactics

 Underground Squidoo Profit Tactics That Has The Web 2.0 Marketing Power To Drastically Increase Your Income -- The New Way!

Discover How To Dominate Your Niche, Establish Your Own Uniqueness & Cash In BIG With Pure Lazy Bum Marketing Using The Funny-Named Social Media Marketing Marvel Called Squidoo!!

Build an amazing Bum Marketing Squidoo Empire while everyone else is focused on messing around!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $47.00

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Tube Me Some Traffic

 With The Emergence Of Web Video Popularity, You CANNOT Afford To Miss Out On This Exponentially Growing Trend - Because It Could Make Or Break Your Popularity & Business Growth!


Here's How YOU - Or ANYONE - Can Leverage On The Internet's 4th Most Trafficked Website To Boost Your Popularity & Publicity For Business. . . via Video Marketing!

 Discover how to benefit from YouTube's avalanche of traffic and opportunities for FREE in the shoes of a webmaster!!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $47.00

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250+ Top Free Wordpress Plugins To Multiply Your Web 2.0 Marketing Profits.

 A set of thoroughly researched money making Wordpress plugins for you to use for free!


An Amazing Collection Of 250+ Hand-Picked, Profit Oozing, Easy To Implement, Web 2.0 Compliant, Free Wordpress Plugins To Skyrocket Your Wordpress Profits Up Above The Eiffel Towers In Paris!


!-First Time & Latest Release-!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $49.97

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1000+ Top Web 2.0 Site Directory

 A complete Web 2.0 Resource Report That Compiles Most Of The Web 2.0 Sites Online Now - Authoritatively!


Imagine What A Web 2.0 Directory With Over 1000 Web 2.0 Sites Compilation Can Do To Your Business! Use Them To Find New Markets, New Unexplored Niches And Fly Your Way To The Exciting New Frontiers In Online Marketing!


!-First Time & Latest Release-!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $49.97

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Site Comments Pro

 Finally A Hands Free Way To Let Your Websites Grow Everyday With Unique, Search Engine Friendly Content the Web 2.0 Way!

Discover How To Make All Your Websites Interactive, Attract Tons Of Free Search Engine Traffic & Start Building A Huge *Laser Targeted* Email List The Web 2.0 Marketing Way... Instantly!

Allow your visitors to easily interact with your content and each other through discussion right on your webpage!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $37.00

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MySpace™ Friends Extractor

 Don't Waste Any More Time Sending Comments To Inactive MySpace Users When You Could Plaster Your Billboard In Front Of Influential Friends Who Have Thousands Of Other Friends!

Click Here For Live Video Demo!


"MySpace Friends Extractor Will Help You Locate The Most Popular And Influential Friends On MySpace So You Can Generate Double The Traffic in Half the Time...With Less Work!"

 If you leave a comment on a profile with only 10 friends versus a profile with 10,000 friends, who's profile would get viewed more often?!


!-First Time & Latest Release-!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $27.00

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Craiglist Marketer Pro

 27 page detailed GUIDE that gives you step-by-step instructions to harness the massive amounts of traffic on Craigslist TODAY...!

!- PDF + Video -!

An Amazing Secret Way to Prime Your Craigslist Cash Pump That Keeps Your Ads From Being Flagged and Deleted!...Revealed For The First Time With Videos On How To Do It!

 The 23-minute VIDEO and eBook that explains everything you need to know to get setup quickly and easily...!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $47.00

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Web 2.0 Resource Bible

 Over 1700 places to build NOT only your "authoritative Influence" BUT also to detonate your "natural" and "organic" Google search ranking...!

Access the Hidden Secret Sites and Web 2.0 Tools that New Generation Progressive Internet Marketer's Use to Stamp Their "Authoritative Influence" and Credibility!

This resource lists will:

1. 253 "free" blog platforms and communities.
2. 46 places to create and host a Wiki
3. 462 Social Bookmarking Sites
4. 414 Social Networking Communities
5. 30 Podcast Hosts
6. 93 Podcast Directories
7. 227 Video Sharing Portals
8. 27 Directories of SEO Friendly Directories
9. 25 Forum and Message Board Directories
11. 67 Press and Media Release Distribution Centers
12. 20 RSS Directories

 Master Resale Rights Worth $27.00


Cashing In On Craigslist

 Blindly Follow Your Way To A Proven Method That Allows You To Start Making Money With Absolutely No Financial Investment, Ever!

Includes The Step-by-Step-Video Too!


Discover An Unbelievably Quick And Easy Way To Give Yourself A Big Fat Pay Raise, Without Leaving Your Home Or Risking One Penny Of Your Hard-Earned Money...!

 A Detailed, Step-By-Step Plan That You Can Blindly Follow And Copy that Guarantees Huge Income... for FREE!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $27.00

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Video Squeeze/News Letter Templates For Web 2.0

 20 Brand New pre coded, sliced and optimized - never before on sale HOT! - Video/Squeeze Templates, that you can edit in less then 5 min after purchase!


Unlock This Unique Collection Of Pre-Built, Video/Squeeze Graphic Templates And Watch Your Subscribers/SalesLetter/OTO Conversion Ratio Blow Out Through The Roof!

NO GRAPHICS EDITING Required... Each Video/Squeeze Template Is Professionally Designed, Sliced, Formatted, Optimized, And Ready To Be Added To Your SalesLetter In Minutes!


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 Master Resale Rights Worth $49.00

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Page Peel Ads Script

 It pulls down in a smooth animation, like peeling the page down to reveal the whole ad while not effecting the normal operation of the website!


"A Great Web 2.0 Marketing Tool That Lets Your Visitors Peel Down From The Right Corner Of Your Web Page, Revealing A Hint Of Something Behind Like Your Special Discount!!"

Absolutely Free Advertising and Promotion for Your Business!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $37.00


Easy Social Book Marketing Tool

 Your royal shortcut to 50 social bookmarking sites! At once! with a single click ...

Click Here For A Live Demo

You can also provide this as a Free service in your Website or Blog for other webmasters to use giving inward links for free.


An Excellent Web 2.0 Marketing Tool That Will Help You To Bookmark Websites To 50 Social Bookmarking Services Instead Of Using Different Links To Each Social Bookmarking Website, You Have To Keep Only A Single Link To All Of Them!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $29.95

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Web 2.0 Sites Exposed

This guide shows you how Web 2.0 sites can change your fortunes. You will find out how to leverage the latest wave of internet traffic that is available through the Web 2.0 sites!


If You Aren't Taking Advantage Of The Power Of The Web 2.0 Revolution Then You're Missing Out On A Whole Lot Of Traffic To Your Sites And That Means You Aren't Making Anywhere Near As Much As You Should Be!

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Social Media Riches

There's nothing sweeter than "fun" money! Discover about 40 Web 2.0 sites that you can use to make extra cash. Online Communities & Social Networking Cash Making Strategies Revealed For The FIRST TIME!!


Are You Turning Your Own "SOCIAL SITE" Visits Into Cash? If Not, Do You Want To Literally STEAL This "SECRET TECHNIQUE" Today?

  • Make cash by creating and uploading videos!

  • Make cash by uploading pictures!

  • Make cash by uploading music!

  • Make cash by writing on blogs

  • Make cash by posting to forums!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $17.00

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Craigslists Profits Unleashed

 Stop blowing money on advertising and places like eBay...let Craigslist be your starting point, THEN expand!


"Discover How To Stop Losing Money On Advertising Places That Never Produce Any Result And Start Using Free Advertising and Promotion Site Without Paying A Single Penny!!"

Absolutely Free Advertising and Promotion for Your Business!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $17.00

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Ultimate Web 2.0 Profits Guide

 You Must Learn About Web 2.0 Before You Learn To Profit From Web 2.0 marketing!



Start Using The Power Of Web 2.0 To Explode Your Website Traffic and Earnings. Your Complete Guide To Using And Profiting From Web 2.0!

How much would 1000 extra visitors to your site be worth? What about 10,000 or 100,000? What if you could drive all of these visitors to your site for nothing?


 Master Resale Rights Worth $17.00

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Blogging Ninja

 Gain Control Over Your Blogs' Look And Feel To Set Them Apart From The Rest!



New SEO Tool Makes It Super Easy To Capture Top Search Rankings In Potentially Thousands Of Niche Markets... Forget Lifting A Finger Or Paying A Dime To Get Fresh, Relevant Content!!

Simply put, you're growing the most valuable asset a website can have (your content) at warp-speed!?


 Master Resale Rights Worth $97.00

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Blogging On Steroids

 Simple Tactics, Plain English, No BS Material Right In Front Of Your Eyeballs, Ready To Be Served To YOUR Most Serene Highness!


"Throw Away All That Junk Load You Got About Doing A Living Online And Start Making Real CA$H Through Blogging On Steroids In The Web 2.0 World TODAY!"

if you're wondering how to rapidly increase your income, this is the moment when you should start being honest to yourself, realize that things can go better and better every day, and ACT NOW to change all the crap for gold! Your guide to making money in the Web 2.0 world!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $49.00

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Niche Video Empires

 Finally... Here is the simple way to blaze into the world of Web 2.0 marketing with your own videos!!


Brand New 75 Minute Video Series Takes You By The Hand And Shows You How To Create A Viral Video Blog In Less Than One Hour Using Only Free Resources!

Learn to create your own hand-crafted videos and market them through MySpace™, YouTube, Digg Etc!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $47

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Cash For Content

 Finally... A Solid Step By Step System You Can Use In The Next 60 Minutes! To Start Generating REAL Online Income!!


Claim Your Share Of the Profits... Immediately Discover How You Can Make Massive Amounts of Cash, Daily!

  • How to Create Content That Pays You!

  • Make Cash On Demand Any Day Of The Week!

  • Leverage Your Content to Build a Real Online Business, In The Fastest Time Possible!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $49.97

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FriendlyTube - Friend Adder Software

 Get More Views of Your Videos, More TARGETED Traffic To Your Website, More Subscribers to Your Opt-In Page, and More Sales 24 Hours a Day!

Click Here To Watch The Live Video Demo!


How To Effortlessly Add New Friends And Comments To Your Youtube™ Account On Autopilot!

The easiest way to grow your friend list on the Internet's most popular video site. You can also use FriendlyTube to send messages to ALL of your Youtube™ friends on autopilot!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $49.00

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Video Web Wizard

 Attention Internet Marketers and Webmasters! Need a fast, affordable way to take advantage of the online video revolution?

Comes with Special Instructional PDF with screenshots

"VideoWebWizard Is A New Software Tool To Easily And Quickly Convert Videos Into Web Format... Even If You Are Completely New To Computers Or Just Are Not Good With technology, Don't Worry!"

This sizzling software has a wizard-like functionality. It literally walks you through the few steps to converting video to website format.

 Master Resale Rights Worth $67

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Creative eBay Networking Using MySpace™

 More traffic equals more sales.  MySpace™ isn't just for pimple-faced teenagers any more!


Everything You Need To Know To Use MySpace™ To Drive Your eBay Dales. Walks You Through The Entire Process Step-by-Step And If You Use This Proven System, You Will See Results Almost Instantly!


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RSS Converter

Send Your Traffic Soaring By Taking Your Existing Content And Effortlessly Syndicating It Across The Web!


Quickly Convert Your Web Pages Into RSS Feeds That Can Be Imported Into Any Website You Want! Get Fresh Content and Incoming Links For Your Sites For More FREE Search Engine Traffic!


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TubePros Multimedia Package

 Discover How You Can Cash In On The Video Revolution To Generate Massive Traffic To Your Web Site... just like the Pros!


Unleash An Unstoppable Traffic Explosion With 1,000's Of Cash-In-Hand Visitors Swarming Your Web Site Virtually Overnight!

Imagine..... A Wall-To-Wall Stampede Of Red Hot, Hungry Prospects Melting Your Hit Counter - That's ALL 100% FREE!!

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RSS Website Builder

How You Can Easily Build Search Engine Friendly Sites Full Of Quality Content To Skyrocket Your Traffic and Sales With A Few Clicks of A Button!


Increase Your Search Rankings By Keeping Your Sites Full of Content Search Engines and Visitors Love, Even When You Don't Have Any Extra Time To Spare!


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Media Autoresponder Software

Make YOUR Autoresponder Emails Jump From The Ordinary To An Extraordinary Using Web 2.0 Marketing Media Autoresponder Email Software...

Comes with Special Installation Instructions


Announcing The Next Generation Web 2.0 Media Autoresponder Software. Send Unlimited Text, HTML, Audio And Video Emails Automatically!

Send Unlimited Media Autoresponder emails, Unlimited Media follow ups, Unlimited Media broadcasts and Unlimited Media campaigns.


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Social Marketing Secrets

 Break Into The Web 2. 0 Rush And Experience The Future Of Extremely Profitable Web 2.0 Marketing!


'They' Call It Web 2.0 But I Call It...The New Way To Bring Loads Of Targeted Traffic To Any Site And Generate A TON Of On-Demand Cash Flow!!

Take the mystery out of what many expert marketers are calling "the future of Internet marketing"!


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Benefits & Future Of Web 2.0

  Discover the secrets behind the success of the Web 2.0 type sites.


Imagine If You Were the One Who Had Started Businesses Like MySpace™ or Youtube™ - How Much Money You Would Have Made by Now? What Effect It Would Have Had On Your Life?

Learn about Web 2.0 and how YOU too can benefit with this new technology.


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Building A Business Network Through MySpace™

 WARNING: It's Like Having A Business with No FACE if You're NOT in MySpace™!


Discover How To Use MySpace™ To Your Distinctive Advantage For A Very Strong Online Presence Coupled With A Still Stronger Unbelievable Profit Potential!


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Google Video Marketing

 Do you need a way to get Google to notice your site that's easy and without any costs? "Google Video Marketing" is your answer...!

Comes with Special Instructional Audios


How To Start Using The Power Of Video To Grab Traffic From The Biggest Search Engine On The Internet Today...!

The "Google Video Marketing" Course Has Leveled The Playing Field For You And Your Website!?

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MySpace™ Marketing Guide

 Cutting Edge Strategies And Techniques To Market Successfully Using MySpace™!

Comes with Special Instructional Audios


The Greatest Revelation On How You Can Cash In From The MySpace™ Revolution!!

How do you get started figuring out this crazy new site? But more than that… How do we get the insiders scoop on how to top the marketing power that is erupting out of MySpace™ like a volcano?

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How To Make Money As A Video Blogger - 11 Video Tutorials For Web Marketing 2.0!

 The next phase of making money with Web 2.0 is making money with video blogs!


If You Market Anything On The Internet Then You Already Know How Important Content Is In Driving Traffic To Your Website.. Get On Board Fast Or Be Left In The Video Content Dust!

The complete video tutorial will teach you a great new way you can create tons of new content for the internet and make insane profits as a video blogger no matter what niche you are in...!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $47.00

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Social Networking For Fun And Profit


No Man is an Island. And No Business Can Profit By Itself...!

Everything you wanted to know about social networking is given here in a simple and direct capsule form!

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Squidoo Blue Print

 Another instance of a successful Web 2.0 marketing strategy!

"Average Joe... Quietly Reveals The Shockingly Simple Steps He Used To Crack the First Page of Google In Only 8 Days Simply Using A FREE Service"

All You Have To Do Is Rinse and Repeat...100% Guaranteed.

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Podcasting Made Easy

 Tips, tricks, and techniques the pros are using to get the money started flowing out of this brand new industry!


Like To Break Into The Ground Floor Of The Podcasting Industry? A Brand New Arena That's Tapped And Ready To Start Pouring Out Profits Like Niagara Falls!!

Revealed for the first time! In 45 minutes and you'll learn how smart marketers like you are jumping on this new opportunity!

!-Latest Release-!

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Social Networking Exposed

 The mystery residing in social networking resolved for forever!


Be Part Of The Wave Of The Future And Join The Social Networking Age!!

All you wanted to know on leveraging benefits from social networking!

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Squidoo Profits

 Plenty of workable and practical strategies that can surely boost your traffic and sales never before heights!


An Amazing 4-Part eBook Series With Explosive Information That Can Catapult Your Website Traffic Through The Roof ...Using Just The Squidoo Site! Unbelievable!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $27

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MySpace™ Marketing 101

 Take advantage of the power of an entire social networking machine for FREE!

With 2 Additional Special Instructional Videos!


Leverage The Power Of MySpace™ To Market Your Products, Services, Websites, Businesses Or Even Yourself For Free!!


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MySpace™ Secrets

 Discover 9 simple rapid-fire-marketing strategies that anyone of any-age… and any intellect can use to get QUICK sales!..

This ebook reveals to you some simple blueprint strategies that you can use to cash in on the MySpace™ system!

How to use MySpace™ to effectively market your products and explode your sales through the roof-You’ll see a simple and effective 9 step marketing blueprint that you can duplicate to get visitors flooding your website and cashing in on sales!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $29.97

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Social Networking Unplugged

 Be part of the wave of the future and join the Social Networking Age!


Ever Wondered How You Can Connect With Other Influential People In Your Business For Massive Amounts Of Profits And Exposure?!


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Profiles For Profits On MySpace™

 Learn How To Make Your MySpace™ Profile For That Extra Profits..


Dynamite Information That Exposes The Politically And Legally Correct Way To Use MySpace™ To Your Advantage Without The Fear Of Loosing The Account!!


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The MySpace™ Butterfly

 Very Controversial. Some Marketers May Not Like The Methods Explained In This Report. But Powerfully Effective!!


How Would You Like A Viciously Viral Webpage, With Your Adsense and Affiliate Links Embedded, Spreading Like Wild Fire Across the Ever Growing MySpace™ Network?!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $22

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MySpace™ Profile Grabber

 Simply run the software with your keywords. And incomes, the list of profiles that has high PR ranks for you to take advantage of!


A Great Program To Find High Page Rank Profiles On MySpace™ That Allow You To Put HTML Comments Which Results In High PR Back Links To Your Site The Easy Way!


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Massive Blog Traffic

 Learn how to turn your blog into a non stop traffic generating machine has never been this simple!.


“How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Blog Virtually Overnight! Absolutely the easiest tried and tested methods to turn your blog into a non stop traffic machine.”


 Master Resale Rights Worth $27.77

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Easy Blog Traffic

 Some Of The Closely-Guarded Secrets Of Generating Tons Of Unique, Interested Visitors To Your Blogs Revealed.

With 12 Additional Rocking Money Making Blog Videos!


"New Research Reveals That 95% of Bloggers Suffer From the Pathetic Blog Traffic (PBT) Disease, And You Could Be One of Them!"

Discover how you can cure this condition once and for all, and generate tons of eager buyers and loyal customers to your blog instantly...

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Web 2.0 Revealed

 What is Web 2.0 – You will find out all about one of the fastest growing areas of the internet and how it can help your business.


“Discover How To Explode Your Traffic Using Web 2.0 Sites Like MySpace™, Digg, Youtube™, And Technorati By Using Tools That Turn Your Sites Into Automatic Cash Machines.”


 Master Resale Rights Worth $49

RSS Traffic Detonator Software

 Would The Thought Of Thousands Of Other Web Site's All Displaying Your Content, And A Link Back To Your Web Site Excite You?


"Use The Power Of RSS Feeds To Drive Insane Amount Of Massive Traffic To Any Website In Any Niche!"

  • Add all of your RSS feeds into a single list.

  • Select which RSS feed directories you would like to submit your feeds to

  • Then push a button to blast your feed instantly to all of them

  • Possibly double or triple your income, with the extra traffic almost overnight

 Master Resale Rights Worth $39

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Tube Traffic

 Discover The Little Known Secrets Of Generating Free Website Traffic From Youtube™!!


"Here's How To Get Unlimited New Visitors To Your Websites Without Paying A Penny (Other Than Video Production Costs) Using Free Online Video Sites Like Youtube™..."


 Master Resale Rights Worth $39

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MySpace™ Marketing Secrets

 Discover How You Can Join And Be Part Of The Wave Of The Future In Social Networking And Use It To Promote Yourself And Explode Your Business To Achieve Greater Heights?


"Leverage & Cash In On The BIGGEST Social Networking Site On The Planet With A Pool Of Over 100+ Million Users And Still Growing!"

  • Cash in on the planet's BIGGEST social networking site.

  • Magnify your business exposure and promotion for next-to-nothing.

  • Make big bucks from it in the process!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $39

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!- 8 Other Sizzling Web 2.0
Video & Audio Bonuses-!


StumbleUpon Videos

 Become A Power Stumbler In Minutes!

Great Video On The Seductive Power Of Stumble Upon To Your Web Marketing 2.0 Advantage!


"A Simple But Thorough Video That Takes You By Hand And Reveals To You The Most Effective Way Of Utilizing The Power Of Stumbleupon Website To Your Internet Marketing Advantage...!"

Even If You Are A First-Timer With Stumbleupon, It Does Not matter! These Videos Will Show You How Easy It Is To Market With Stumbleupon!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $97


11 Wordpress Installation Videos

 Just watch the videos, install your Wordpress and start blogging for profits!!


"11 Step-By-Step Videos Reveals To You How To Begin Building Your Niche Blogs - No Matter If You Are A New-bie, A Total Non-Techie Or Have Never Edited Any Web Page Before.... You Just Don't Need To Know HTML To Start Your Own Wordpress Blogs!"

 Master Resale Rights Worth $297

MySpace™ Videos

 A free script and a video course to help you make money from MySpace™ and Adsense. No strings what so ever attached!


"Get Your Huge Feature Packed MySpace™ Resource Site Plus A 4 Part Video Course That Will Teach You How To Make Money From MySpace™ Absolutely Free!"

 Master Resale Rights Worth $47

Viral Marketing Made Easy Audios

"What Does A Little Snowball, An Avalanche, And A Closely Guarded Secret Have To Do With Your Website, Your Visitors And Your Bank Account?"

Leverage the Social Networks and Contacts of Others – leveraging time, money and contacts puts you in the driver's seat!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $47

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Professionally Recorded Audio Version
With eBook!


Instant Blog Cash Video

 find out EXACTLY how you can get paid EVERY TIME someone visits your website. And if they click, you can be paid even more!


In Less than 25 Minutes, Learn An *Embarassingly Simple Way* To Make Money EVERY SINGLE TIME Someone Visits Your Blog!

A Value-Adding Method That Generates Cash From Your Blog -- With Or Without Clicks!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $47

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Blogger Adsense Audios

 Get On The Boat Right Away!

4 Part Audio Set With Over 2 Hours Of Professional Recording With eBook!


"The Ultimate Audio Guide to Raking In Massive Google Adsense Cash With Blogger (Blogspot) Blogs, Designed For Newbies Who Need A Shortcut...!"

Even If You Have No Blogging Experience And Don't Know What Google Adsense Is, You Can Still Make Money!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $47

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MySpace™ Niche Videos

 A great video tutorials series On MySpace™ Money!


"These Video Tutorials Takes By Hand And Shows You How To Spot Specific Money Making Niches And How To Charge Them For Huge Profits Absolutely Free!"

 Give Away Rights Worth $49.97

You Tube Traffic Videos

 An easy way to get into the Web 2.0 Video Wagon for free!!


"Learn How To Come Up With Your Own Striking Videos That You Can Submit To Video Sites Like You Tube, Google Videos And 100's Of Other Similar Sites Using Free Software That's Already In Your Computer!"

 Give Away Rights Worth $47





!- 19 Other Super Web 2.0 Marketing Bonuses -!

Secret Podcasting Black Book

 A full set of directories where you can feed your Podcast content for awesome exposure...


Build New Customers, Backlinks, and Attention by working with the Top Podcasting Sites on the Internet!

No more searching around where to submit your pod casts! Everything yis ready for you on a platter.

 Web Value $19.97  


Social Marketing Profits

 This Report Will Reveal To You How To Make Money From MySpace™ In Loads!!...


MySpace™ Is Currently One Of The Most Visited Site With More Than 100 Million Members! Cash In From The Craze!


Web Value $27.00

Making Money With MySpace™

 You will find the solution to the missing dollar riddle in MySpace™!


This Small Blueprint Is About Making Money On The Hot New MySpace™..!!

Two simple but closely guarded secret revealed for the first time when it come to making money from MySpace™.

Web Value $19.97  


StumbleUpon Exposed - Audtios & Videos

 Bring The Power Of StumbleUpon To Sizzle Your Profit from Web 2.0 Marketing.


Step-By-Step Videos, Audios and PDf to Optimize Your Web 2.0 Marketing Using StumbleUpon!


Web Value $39.97  

Directory Of Social Bookmarking Sites

 Use This Compilation To Maximize Your Profit from Web 2.0 Marketing.


A Recent Compilation Social Bookmarking Sites To Help You Drive Amazing Traffic To your websites!


Web Value $29.97  

Social Bookmark Black Book

 List of top social bookmarking sites on the Internet for you to make use of...


Work With The Top Social Bookmarking Sites On The Internet To Build New Customers, Backlinks And Attention!!

Includes the wordpress sociable plugin script!

 Web Value $19.97


Pimp The Blog

 This Report Will Reveal To You How To Make Money From MySpace™ In Loads!!...


The Ultimate WordPress Pimping Guide, "Pimp The Blog" Guides You To The Best Plug-ins and Resources Online For Turning a Blog Into a Profit Generating
Self Fueling Steam Engine!!


 Web Value $29

Power Blogging Secrets

 These Are EXACT Steps You NEED To Take If You Want To Make Lots Of Money With Your WordPress Blogs!!...


Access These Essential SEO Plugins To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Potential For Your Blogs Along With The Right SEO Techniques While You Write Your Blogs!


Web Value 47

10 Wordpress Themes

 Make Your Blogs Stand Out!


"10 Different Beautiful Wordpress Themes That You Can Plug-in Instantly And Start Your Own Unique Blogs With Wordpress!"

 Web Value $49.97

Social Networking

 How To Profit From MySpace™, Friendsters and other social networking sites!


"A Very Effective Guide To Making Money Through Social Networking By Taking Advantage OF The New Web 2.0 Social Networking Sites!"

 Web Value $27

Monetizing Secrets Of Going Web-Social

 Reveals how you too can employ social media marketing techniques to convert visitors from social networking sites.!


A Special Report On 2 Hot aspects of Web 2.0: Social Networking And Social Bookmarking. It Also Suggests Numerous Resource Links, Where To Find Free Social Site Scripts!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $24.97

Getting Started With YouTube

 Get the most out of YouTube even if you are total novice in using YouTuble to your marketing advantage!


Picture-by-Picture Instructions On Getting Started With YouTube In The Next Five Minutes...From The Basics To Becoming A Master YouTube Marketer!


 Web Value $19.97

The Youtube™ Link Secret

 Great secret technique to get Youtube™ link to your Web site for free!..LIVE LINK!


This Laser-Sharp Report Provides You With A Simple Series Of Screenshots And Comments About How To Get Direct links From Your Youtube™ Videos To Any Web Pages Of Yours!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $29.97

My--Space Train Script

Continually submit your My--Space ID every few minutes to trainers and start getting high add rates to your site. The software does all hard work and gives you a break! Just sit back and relax! Let the software do the work from your web server!


My--Space is a very, very large community with millions of members and a traffic higher than Yahoo.

You can consistently and constantly drive traffic to your profile with this sweet little script.

Divert some of the Frankenstein My--Space traffic to your website and take advantage !

 Master Resale Rights Worth $19.97


Internet Marketing Video Tutorials

 Watch Step By Step Video Tutorials That Will Show You Exactly HOW To Do Everything Online...?


"Featuring more than 250 easy to follow, pleasurable to watch and listen to Videos of down to earth and practical tutorials on 'How to Start and Explode Your Business On The Internet, Step by Step"

 Master Resale Rights Worth $39

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Video Traffic Explosion

 The No.1 secret many savvy marketers today to drive an avalanche of targeted traffic to their sites in 24 hours or less! It’s simple, easy-to-use and best of all…FREE!!


“How To Rank High In The Search Engines And Unleash A Stampede Of Red Hot Targeted Traffic To Your Site Using This Simple Yet Astonishingly Powerful Secret – 100% FREE!”

 Master Resale Rights Worth $47

Learn the Latest Secrets Social Bookmarking Marketing

 With Social Bookmarking, You Can Tap Into An Unlimited Supply Of Targeted Traffic
And High Quality Backlinks For Free


The Art Of Getting An Unlimited Supply Of Laser Targeted Traffic and High PR Bank Links From Major Bookmarking Sites Revealed To You On A Platter!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $19.97

Secret Traffic Strategies


"Step by Step Simple Strategies To Skyrocket Your Website Traffic!"

 Master Resale Rights Worth $19

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50 Adsense Ready Niche Web 2.0 Style Wordpress Themes


"Creating Monetized Wordpress Blogs Has Never Been Easier With This Awesome Wordpress Niche Theme Collection Collection!"

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!- And Three Final Super Mega Bonus -!

3 Sets Of New Web 2.0 Templates!



 Master Resale Rights Worth $97

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"Own 3 Sets Of Hot - Web 2.0 Looking Sales Letter Templates, 6 HOT - Web 2.0 Squeeze, NewsLetter Templates, 3 New Hot Web 2.0 Adsense Templates, Special OTO Templates And Much Much More...!"

Make a small FORTUNE on the Internet with these website types...!!

  • 3 Hot - Web 2.0 Templates, already sliced and optimized for best web performance, pre-designed in html page.
  • 6 HOT - Web 2.0 Squeeze, NewsLetter Templates, optimized, sliced and pre-designed, ready to use as html/php web page.
  • 3 New - Hot! - Web 2.0 Adsense Templates, optimized, sliced and pre-designed, ready to use as html/php web page.
  • Pre-designed 3 HOT Templates for your sales pages.
  • Cool Action Script That Create Software Box For Your Site.

85 Exclusive Web 2.0 Style Niche Content Sites, With Admin Areas!

YOU Can Use The Exact Tools & Resources Used By The Big Boys Of Niche Site Marketing To Build Your Virtual Real Estate Empires...!!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $117

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"85 Web 2.0 Style Niche Plug-In Content Sites With Terrific Features That You Can Upload Next Moment And Begin Earning Income Almost Immediately...!"

  • SEO Keyword Article Management System
  • SEO Friendly RSS Feeds
  • Affiliate Product Placement
  • Add New Rotating Content With Ease
  • Edit and Add articles in the Admin Interface
  • Add and Delete Keywords in the Admin Interface. Keyword Article Management System
  • TOS, Privacy, Links, Contact Pages, Editable in the Admin Interface
  • Robots.txt and Custom Error Page
  • Rotating Phrases for Title, Description and Headlines
  • Image Rotation Next to Adsense and Affiliate Ads
  • Dynamic Links Pages with One File to Edit for the Layout.

400+ Exclusive Web 2.0 Marketing Sites That You Can Use To Promote Your Online Business To Dizzying Heights And Drive In Traffic That Crashes Your Server!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $47


"Social Madness! A Massive Resource List Of Three Categories of Social & Web 2.0 Marketing Sites That You Can Use To Create Your Very Own Madness ... Traffic And Sales Madness, That Is!!...!"

  • Over 100 Social Networking Sites (i.e. MySpace, Squidoo, etc..)
  • Over 150 Social Bookmarking Sites (i.e. StumbleUpon, Digg, etc..)
  • And Over 180 Video Sharing Sites (i.e. YouTube, AOL, etc..)
  • All categorized under Google Page Rank for each site (i.e 9,8.7...)
  • All categorized under Alexa Page Rank for each site (i.e 1,25,58...)
  • Comes with an excel sheet of URLs with Google Page Rank and Alexa Ranks specified for you to easily take advantage of!

OK , Without doubt you do agree that this is an AWESOME collection of 107+ Web 2.0 & Social Media Marketing tools.

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Any and all forward looking statements here or on any of our sales material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else's, in fact no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from ours ideas and techniques in our material.



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