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Whether you've ever advertised in ezines before or not, I'm going to show you 2 tactics right now that will forever change they way you advertise.

1. You'll learn what they are, and how to NEVER spend a dime on placing ezine ads.

2. I'll show you my simple 1..2..3.. strategy it takes to advertise in ezines, and "which one's" get the greatest response.

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If you've never advertised, or even heard of an ezine before, listen up!

Ezines are "email delivered" magazines, there are thousands of them on every subject and topic you can imagine. From Marketing to Horseback riding, there's 1000's of ezine's out there with 1000's of subscribers who are all eager to receive them.

Typically they are published every week or month, and when they go out--boy do they get read!

Unlike a web page, or banner ad, ezines are filled with useful content, tips, and articles which their readers are eager to receive.

They are delivered to each subscriber via email. Unlike SPAM, which nobody wants or likes, people look forward to, and READ ezines!

Inside these ezines are a number of ads. The ads are scattered throughout the content of the ezine. Now, what if that little ad was YOUR ad! In front of 1000's of those targeted subscribers!

That my friend is the Pure Power of targeted ezine advertising, and it can generate more clicks and orders for your product than you ever thought possible. It's unlike any other format you've probably been trying--and it works!

I've been advertising in ezines for years, making 800% returns and more, and it only takes me a few minutes a day.

But what about the cost? Aren't ezine ads expensive?

Yes, they are. Most of us are on a limited budget--we don't have the time or the money to waste on ineffective tactics.

So let me ask you this... what if you could advertise in dozens of ezines, sent to over 1,000,000+ subscribers--completely free? Would you do it?

I sure am, That's why I developed eZineBlaster! it's my complete system to BEAT the system!

My complete guide to eZine advertising will take you by the hand and show you the exact 1..2..3.. steps I use to get my FREE ads out to over 1,000,000 readers--every week! and yes, it's 100% above board and LEGAL.

I do it every week for a consistent stream of new traffic.

Not only will I show you how I do it, I'll show you exactly how to write your own ads for maximum results.

Now if you're thinking this is just another free ad list--don't!

Those little 'ad lists' DON'T EVEN BEGIN TO COMPARE with my newly released eZineBlaster. Here's 17 reasons why . . .

#1 EzineBlaster has just been released for 2003 with fully researched sources of the established eZines. (no here-today-gone-tomorrow publishers with only a couple hundred subscribers)

#2 You won't waste your time posting ads to dozens of start-up eZines with only a couple hundred subscribers. Each eZine has been verified to have a minimum of 1000 active subscribers. (Any less isn't worth your time, even for a 'free' ad.)

#3 You wont waste hours searching the Net to find the best 'free ad' eZines. I've already done that for you, and I've already advertised in most of them, so I know if their duds or not!

#4 No 'monthly membership fee.' This power-marketing Package is YOURS forever with FREE updates at least two times yearly! (others charge monthly subscriptions fee's)

#5 You get THREE of the Net's best ad-writing tutorials to dramatically increase the response to even your best ads! If you have difficulty writing ads, these tutorials will solve your problems.

#6 Easy to use format with easy to understand instructions. No complicated 'learning curve!'

#7 You'll have DIRECT links and contact information to these established targeted eZines that accept free ads!

#8 You'll know EXACTLY where each ad is placed for easy tracking!

#9 A FREE tracking system is included. I'll show you how to track your ad results. You'll know EXACTLY which ads are getting the best results!

#10 You can test each eZine for response BEFORE you place any paid ads. STOP risking your ad budget!

#11 BONUS TOP 40 REPORT - The 'Cream-of-the-Crop' eZines that already have been tested and proven to get 'response' from high profile paid ads. You can make money REAL FAST with this report!

#12 eZineBlaster was created specifically with the Internet Marketer in mind! All eZines are targeted to small business readers with an interest in Internet business.

#13 Only targeted eZines are included with targeted readers interested in YOUR products and services!

#14 PLUS you get Full Resale Rights to the entire system. Resell it and keep 100% of each sale! Sell just 1, and your in profit!

#15 PLUS you get this professionally written, proven-to-pull-orders website, with graphics, and complete instructions for adding your own payment processor and MAKING SALES! (This website alone cost me over $400! ) Yes, you get the website too!

#16 You can even have eZineBlaster customized with your own URL, email, and money-making affiliate links. Full details are included with the package.

#17 100% Guaranteed, I refuse to keep your money if it doesn't work for you.

If you're like me, you already posted some free ads to FFA's and Classified ads sites with little or no results at all. Don't you think you deserve a change?

You're frustrated, tired, and sick of all the hype!

eZineBlaster will show you how to create massive and consistent exposure for yourself, and your business. Placing a few classified ads here and there just wont cut it!

eZine advertising is the most direct, effective, and result oriented method of marketing on the Internet today! Your ads are delivered directly into 1000's of opt-in subscribers email boxes, who are looking for products and services like yours.

eZineBlaster totally solves your money wasting problems by eliminating the costs of ezine ads, and putting these direct contacts right in your own hands. Plus, they're updated twice a year for you so you'll always have the newest ezine's before anyone else.

You can place your ads, TOTALLY FREE, and get massive market coverage to over 1,000,000 targeted eZine readers! And you WILL be able to continue doing it on a regular basis for maximum exposure, and MAXIMUM profits!

Imagine the response and increased profits you will generate by placing your ads FREE and having them read weekly by thousands upon thousands of targeted Internet buyers delivered directly to their email box! Sales and sign up's for your product, service, or program could be staggering!

As I've already told you, the eZineBlaster directory is not all you get!

This HUGE Package also contains three more integral parts to practically guarantee the success of your eZine ad campaign.

These three eBooks are NOT junky add-ons or so-called "bonuses" just to get you to buy something! They were each carefully chosen because they perfectly compliment what eZineBlaster will do for you, and will definitely help you learn, boost your business, and finally start to make money on the Internet!

Here's what's included . . .

Magic Letters - How To Write So People Buy Now.

"Magic Letters - How To Write So People Buy Now."

You'll learn the 'psychology' behind successful ad writing and the emotional 'triggers' that make people feel that they MUST buy your product!


"How To Write Killer Ads That Increase Sales By 1200%."

You will learn to use the same 'formula' I use, that creates BREAKTHROUGH ADS that get response every time!


This software teaches you how to write an eZine ad, along with expert advise in using composition, and ad writing tactics.

Sold by others for $29.95 alone! Even if you never wrote an ad before, 10 minutes into this software and you'll be creating an AD that works!

But that still isn't all . . .
You'll also get my 2 Bonus Reports!


My 'Top 40 List' of the hardest-hitting order-pulling eZines for placing high exposure paid ads. I've proven through my own advertising that the eZines on this list are definitely 'The Cream of the Crop.' Advertise your offer here and you WILL see immediate results!


My 'Top List' of the best in SOLO ads. These are top notch publishers that accept SOLO ads. Your ad will be emailed directly to their entire subscriber base--all by itself! A proven technique in gaining the BEST exposure.
More Bonuses!
You'll also receive 17 of the best high-demand Internet Marketing tutorials and eBooks, complete with...
100% resell rights
I already spent 100's of dollars, and bought the reseller rights to these, so you don't have to.

Sell them, give them away, or simply learn from them. Whatever you choose. You may recognize some of these great titles.

Click HERE to see them! You get them all FREE when you order now.

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Try it for a full 30 days RISK FREE. If you don't like it, I do not want to keep your money! That's how sure I am it will work for you.

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