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If you believed all the 'gurus', you'd think you can only make money online selling your own products. In this interview with Brian, Louis explodes that myth. Brian reveals how he earns HUGE six-figure sums from MLM.

If you want to know the real deal behind making a fortune from successfully working MLM programs, learn from one of the best - Brian Garvin, in this excellent interview."

- Neil Shearing


From: Louis Allport
Friday, 8:14 pm

Dear Internet Friend,

All over the internet -- people just like you are making fortunes with network marketing.

If you're not one of them (yet), please read on...

Before I continue further...I would like you to take this gift home for free!

When I say 'network marketing' I'm not talking about those silly pyramid schemes some people peddle ... I'm talking about multi-million dollar companies, with great products, that just happen to have a multi-level commission structure.

Picture this:

You start building your downline, and soon enough, it takes on a life of it's own and pumps out money for you round the clock.

Sound good?

But most people don't know how to build a network marketing business successfully. And that comes with listening to the right people...

Introducing Brian Garvin ...

I'm guessing you already know the name Brian Garvin. Am I right?

But if you don't let me tell you a little about him...

Brian's usual day consists of just a couple of hours work. And what does he get for that? Over $30,000 a month in residual income!

Perhaps that sounds crazy, but that is the beauty of network marketing - IF - you do it right. You work hard at the start, then after a while your downline takes over, you do less work, but your checks keep getting bigger!

Just as an example:

With just one network marketing company that Brian promotes -- Life Force International, it took him two weeks to get to Platinum status (it often takes a year or more).

Just two weeks!

Incredible, but true. And all this by simply marketing the company and opportunity over the internet.

And the great thing is, Brian's happy to share his secrets of how he does it...

Get $2,000 Worth Of Coaching From Brian Garvin ...

I spent four hours on the phone with Brian recently asking him about every single aspect of his network marketing business. Exactly how he built it up, pulls in the crazy-big checks every month, and how you can too -- whatever your current level of experience.

And let me tell you that Brian's time doesn't come cheap. He doesn't actually consult because as he says "He's too busy making money" ... but if he did he would charge $500 an hour at the absolute minimum.

But don't worry, you won't need to pay Brian $2,000 to find out his network marketing secrets!...

I'm making available to you the full four hour transcript of the network marketing coaching I received from Brian. You get it in eBook format ... plus, you get ALL the audio downloadable in MP3 format too.

So as you listen to it, it's as if Brian is right there in the room with you, coaching you ... showing you exactly how it's done

Here is just a taster of what Brian reveals ...

  • How Brian grew his online business up to pulling in $30,000 a month in profit is less than two years. Discover his simple business growth secret to grow your profits in record time.

  • How Brian pulls in $1,450 a month in residual income from one company with absolutely zero effort. You can do this too -- if you know what to look for.

  • How Brian plans to build his business to $1,000,000 a month within two years. Yes, you read that right -- One Million Dollars a month!

  • Discover the four types of online residual income and how to make money with them.

  • How to find the best places to advertise your opportunity.

  • Discover exactly how Brian out recruited everyone else in one network marketing company by 10 to 1.

  • What is the one type of advertising Brian recommends above all others and always gets the best results with? He reveals in this interview...

  • There's one thing you must have in a network marketing company if you really want to make long term serious income (this may surprise you -- it's NOT the comp plan)

  • Discover Brian's six tactics for writing winning email ads, and how to write web copy and headlines for maximum profits.

  • If you're serious about network marketing, you'll spend a lot of time on the phone with prospects. Discover how Brian slashed $1,800 a month off his phone bill, without making any less calls!

  • How Brian made thousands a month, spending less than $200 on Overture.

  • How Brian's three marketing directors earn him thousands every month ... but he doesn't pay them a penny!

  • How to max out any MLM comp plan.

  • Discover what skills you need to make a winning MLM team.

  • A proven way to attract big hitters into your downline.

  • How to brand your name for big money online.

  • How to structure your downline for quick growth

  • How to solve downline attrition and keep your business growing.

  • How to train your downline successfully

  • What to look for in network marketing leads to grow your business in record time

  • A quick and easy way to close many more MLM leads into your business.

  • How to create your own high quality leads

  • How to buy your way to the top of any comp plan

  • How to double (even triple) your income from any MLM company, without doing a minute's more work! Don't worry, it's perfectly legal...

  • There's only one type of MLM company Brian recommends for very long-term profits ... know what it is?

  • Step by step -- how to build your Life Force International business. Brian describes this as the easiest money he's ever made.

  • Three questions you must ask ANY potential sponsor if you're serious about success

  • How to grow and develop a hugely successful ezine (just like Brian has).

  • How to run and manage a co-op for fast downline growth

  • Do you really need money to build an MLM business? Brian reveals the answer...

The Reviews Are In ...

Just before releasing this eBook, I sent out copies to online marketers I knew for honest reviews. Well, I'm happy to say the feedback was very positive. Have a read:

"It's nearly 2AM and I can't stop reading this Brian Garvin Interview. I had to drop you a quick note...

The section where he talks to you about branding yourself on the web is priceless. I've never read anything like that before and it WILL change the way I make money on the Internet.

Also - how did you get him reveal his next "secret" project?! Nice work Louis!"

- Jim Cockrum
Author of The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay
(Ranked #1 on ClickBank.com)

"Brian Garvin's MLM Secrets interview not only reveals a top online marketer's personal success strategy for the network marketing business, but also invaluable internet and affiliate marketing gems and insights.

What impressed me most were the details of exactly how he built his business, first in digital products, then with affiliate and network marketing, as well as his future growth plan strategy.

He shares so much, but just one idea could literally change your life (and the way you look at marketing) with the 'insider' details he offers.

Excellent interview Louis... I strongly recommend it!"

- Mark Idzik

"Louis, your latest product is fantastic! It's just like having a four hour
one-on-one coaching session with Brian Garvin! I am certainly going to be
implementing some of Brian's strategies into my own online businesses.

And as for the included audio files - I sat back last night and listened to
the entire audio package in one sitting! In fact I wish every e-book came
out in audio format! Having them meant that whilst I was actively listening,
I was also busy trying to implement some of the ideas into a new website.

Thanks again Louis. You have certainly over-delivered on this one."

- Aaron Leighton

"Louis, you have to let me in on one thing -- where do you get the truth serum?

That's the only way I know that you can get a MLM genus like Brian Garvin to reveal all his secrets to making over $30,000 a month in MLM using the Internet.

I have several contacts in MLM and I'm sure they will all want a copy of this eBook. It will make them thousands more with the insider secrets they get."

- George Chapin

"PRICELESS!"......... Brian Garvin's ideas and concepts are bar none the best Internet Marketing Information I have ever heard.

When it comes to affiliate and network marketing, Brian really knows his stuff. I could not believe my ears on what I was listening too.

Brian's techniques can show you step-by-step how any average "Joe" can start a profitable Internet Business. I thought I knew everything about Internet Marketing, but Brian has proved me WRONG!

Brian's technique's alone has made me over $387,267.33 last year. I cant even believe it myself and I owe it all to my good friend Brian Garvin!"

- Charles Fuchs

"This is a gem of a product if you are interested in MLM. Just one of the tips given here will pay off ... especially if you want to focus on online promotion and are not able to spend much time on the phone to potential prospects.

Brian Garvin has really spilled his guts here, giving a good depth of detail on how to succeed - if you are prepared to work for it!"

- Andy Peacock

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  • The #1 sales copywriting mistake I see people making (and how to avoid it like the plague!).

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