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Welcome to 's Issue Of "HomeBiz-Tips" 

HomeBiz-Tips E-Mag
The Online Marketers Friendly E-Mag

Date: 2006-31-03 Issue:  March 15-31
S. Kumar, Editor, http://www.learnhomebusiness.com
Subscriber Base: 25000+  


Hi ,

I want to make money online. But I am short of cash and I am a newbie. Can you help?

This is one of the familiar subscriber questions that frequently invades my mail box. But in spite of trying to help, 90% of the time my efforts goes in vain.

One of my subscribers from New Zealand - let's call him Mike - has been writing to me on the same topic for last 3 years.

Mike has bought almost $600 worth of products from me in last 3 years. Finally, I had to tell this dear friend of mine to stop buying!

The reason: Mike has not taken any action apart from spending time on the 5 minute buying process! And he still writes to me asking advice on how to make money from the Internet!

One of the biggest obstacles to making money from the Internet is - Inertia To Action!

Dr. Ken Evoy of Sitesell.com has taught me a lot in the initial stages. That was 4 years back and I still consider his methods as the best for a newbie. Find time and spend an hour at Sitesell.com. You will come back refreshed and free from the general hype that you are subjected to. Also visit the sitemap of his site given at the top to access all the resources.

Realize that each one of us has to begin from scratch and work our way through -- gurus or not. You and I are not born with a laptop!

So let's get to work. You will make money from the Internet.



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"How A Work Shy Innocent College Dropout Discovered The Secret Code To Become A Super Affiliate Earning To The Tune Of $516.53 Per Day On Autopilot Using just Free Blogs!

I’m pretty cynical in many ways. Especially, when it comes to people making tall claims.

But when I happened to see this guy cranking out $500 almost on a daily basis, my antenna was up! And the convincing proof he showed told a tell-tale story.
500 bucks a day sounded very “realistic” than some of the million dollar "achievers" around here claims.

Now, I know that good niche sites, with blogs
or not, do make 50 to 300 bucks per day routinely.

So, what Rob Benwell had to say sounded “very doable” and I bought a copy of the "Blogging to the Bank".

Here’s what I found in a nut shell:

  1. Blogging To The Bank is a manual NOT meant for purists. You can describe it as more predatory as it contains techniques that can be termed as very controversial though it gets you results.

  2. It shows simple strategies to use free niche blogs to generate adsense and affiliate commissions.

  3. It shows you to use MSN and Yahoo to build traffic instead of all the confusing Google algorithms.

  4. He warns not to post more than 3 times a day on blogger blogs. Numerous posts a day will be flagged for checking by a human.

  5. He is NOT at all advising to for robo-blogging. His advice is to use REAL content!

  6. ”Pasśonate bloggers" will find so many tips and techniques to monetize the blogs. An e.g. is what blogger templates seem to be favored by search engines.

  7. The existence of a free software that helps you identify possible niches for blogging.

  8. The 3 keyword phrases to improve indexing speed.

  9. WordPress or Blogger? (The answer will surprise you!)

All I can say is, It’s fresh. I for one definitely discovered much more on monetizing blogs by reading this manual than what I have learned so far...

Hope you too will blog your way to the bank.

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Blogging To The Bank


GUEST ARTICLE by Rob Sullivan

Using Feeds to Increase Your Site's Content

There are many ways to increase content on your site, from manually creating it to purchasing software which will auto generate it for you. While I highly recommend you stay away from anything which is automatically generated I also understand that many people don't feel comfortable writing.

Therefore, in this article, I look at another way to make your site appear as if it's changing. That is, incorporating feeds into your site to improve return visits and build your brand.

Feeds have been growing in popularity for some time. In fact, there are people who measure such popularity.

While feeds are not the sole property of blogs, we can gauge how popular feeds are simply by looking at the "state of the blogosphere."

According to Technorati, the blogosphere is doubling every 5 months or so. That means that 5 months from now there will be twice as many blogs (and feeds) as there are now.

In many cases, the only way to access that content, aside from regularly visiting a site, is through their feeds.

But that's not the only use for feeds. Many services have sprung up which allow you to search and aggregate those feeds. Services such as Feedster and even Google News allow you to search for phrases and output an RSS feed which could then be imported into a feed reader.

In other words, if you wanted to get the most recent news about Google from Google News you could search for "Textlinkbrokers" in Google News and then copy the RSS feed URL
(http://news.google.com/news?q=textlinkbrokers&ie=UTF-8&output=rss) into your favorite news reader.

Now I know what you're thinking: "Well that's great news, but how does that help with my site?"

Well now that you know how to auto generate feeds for virtually any topic you want, you can then import the feeds into your site using various methods.

Inserting Feeds Into Your Site

Obviously you can't just link to the feed, or paste the XML output into your pages. It wouldn't be readable. What you need is some tool to convert the feed into something that is readable. And there are many out there to do just that.

So let's look at the easiest - a JavaScript from a hosted service like FeedRoll.

Using a service like FeedRoll you can input the URL of the feed you want, make some basic style changes and it will provide you with a JavaScript you can then install on your site pages that will display the feed within your page content. One problem I have with FeedRoll is that you are limited to the list of feeds they provide. There was a time when you could use any feed URL, but they've since changed it.

The only other way to use FeedRoll with your own feed is to buy their software package (Feedforall.com) which will allow you to export the feed into HTML code that you can paste on your site.

However, if the feed you do like is in the list, then you could simply make the style changes you want, copy the JavaScript code onto your page(s) and you are done. Once you've saved the page, load it in your browser and voila - you have regularly updating news headlines on the page.

But what if you want something a little more sophisticated?

Well there are options here as well including ASP and PHP based code which can take a live feed and format it on the fly.

Therefore, if you have a dynamic site and don't mind monkeying around in the code this may be the solution for you.

Using PHP to Display Feeds

The benefit of using PHP to display RSS is that the contents of the feed displayed on the page can be spidered and indexed by search engines. That means links can be followed. That also means that if you have your own feed, you can place it on your home page (for example) to offer crawlers quick and easy access to your latest new content.

One of my favorite PHP based converters is called CaRP. There are both frëe and commercial versions which allow you to not only display the feed as HTML but also customize it any way you want with style formatting and even images displayed in feeds (much like you see on Google News nöw).

It can be a little tricky to set up at first as it isn't strictly PHP, but once you start playing around with the values you begin to realize just how flexible it is.

I know I use it on a personal site to display not only the latest industry news but also my most recent blog posts and forum entries. This way crawlers can get into that new content quickly through direct links on the home page.

Using ASP to Display Feeds

Just like the PHP example above there is also an ASP script which will take an RSS feed and output it as static HTML.

My favorite is feed converter which also allows you some leeway in outputting the feed the way you see fit.

If you are comfortable with ASP, you will see how easy it is to manipulate the script to suit you. Even if you aren't an ASP guru, you'll find the script fairly easy to implement with commented prompts throughout the script telling you how to make it work.


As you can see, there are many ways to display feeds on sites - from hosted services to scripts embedded in ASP or PHP. Really the only thing limiting you is your ability and imagination.

I can tell you from experience that I've used all the above versions and I'm happy with each of them.

Also, because they will take any feed, your options for what you want to show are also only limited by your ability and imagination.

For example, I use the ASP one on an ASP site to display recent news from Google News. I have pages set up that pull Google news into a Google page, Yahoo! News into a Yahoo! Page and so on.

With the PHP (CaRP) script, I have the most recent blog posts and forum entries displayed on the home page of my site to help crawlers find the new content quickly.

With clients who have limited abilities or technical support I've implemented hosted versions as they are much easier to do.

So my recommendation to you is try them out and find the one that best suits you. If you don't like the ones I've suggested, a simple search on your favorite search engine should return you lots of different options.

Rob Sullivan is a SEO Consultant and Writer for Textlinkbrokers.com

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