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Welcome to 's Issue Of "HomeBiz-Tips" 

HomeBiz-Tips E-Mag
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Date: 2008-02-15 Issue:  February 1-15
S. Kumar, Editor, www.learnhomebusiness.com
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Hi ,

Social marketing is fairly new and everyone wants a slice of it. But when you get into it, it's like a sumptuous buffet and you want to gobble them all at once and finally end up doing nothing.

Here are five steps to overcome this and kick start your social marketing.

1. Set apart a scheduled time each day exclusively for  Web 2.0 marketing and follow them every day.

2. Start by signing up with major social news sites like Digg.com, Propeller.com, Mixx.com. Refrain from going through a submission spree initially! Hold on until you have fully set up a decent profile. Start by submitting useful content and news from other sources initially rather than your own to announce your arrival. This also insulates you from being labeled as a spammer. Be natural.

3. Start a blog immediately. It's no longer an option but an absolute necessity now. Wordpress is a great blog software that you can download for free. If your hosting service provides Fantastico, it can install the latest version of Wordpress easily and quickly.

4. Once your blog is up, join the following blog communities to generate visitors, authority and links. MyBlogLog.com and BlogCatalog.com. Remember to install their widgets on your blog. Now join groups, interact with other bloggers and make friends with people of similar interest. The kind who can link to your blog and send you traffic.

5. Once you are sure that you are thoroughly established on these sites, move on to other networks that matches your market niche. "Vertical" social sites are mushrooming around that focuses on specific niches and narrow markets and repeat the process as mentioned ins Step 2.

Once you become adept in social marketing, you will replace some conventional marketing methods like paid advertising or PPC campaigns. Because you will see more of organic & natural traffic and better search engine rankings origination from social marketing efforts.



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If you have some traffic already coming into your site then this script will take on a life of its own, and you have a powerful an automated viral traffic machine in place that works on autopilot.

By owning the script, this will give you some upfront traffic and build links for you.

The major advantages are:

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  3. the more clicks you get, the higher your profile will rise on a site.

  4. Once you set it up, you can forget about it.

This is highly recommend Web 2.0 tool for your site. If you arenít still using it, youíre simply leaving money on the table. This is the new way to build links back to your website the Web 2.0 way. Itís far more effective than standard linking, saves you tons of time and lets you build your links organically and on autopilot.

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GUEST ARTICLE by Terry Mickelson

The Secret Sauce of Google Success

What do you need to get top rankings on Google? There are many ingredients in the mix, but here are three of the most important that you need to concentrate on.

1. Keyword Relevant Copy and Content: Whatever the keywords you want to get ranked in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), be sure that you have enough copy and content about those specific words which will give Google a reason to rank you in the first place.

If for example, one of your priority keywords is "virtual assistant software", create a separate page or section for this keyword (at least a few paragraphs) using the keyword in the headline, the first sentence, the last sentence as well as wherever it makes logical sense in order to achieve the keyword frequency and "density" that search engines are looking for. Ideally, each page will only have one or two keywords and will be very focused on that specific topic.

Additionally, by including on this specific keyword page either articles, pdf files or news items about your keyword, it will help you improve your chances of a better ranking. Give Google a reason to rank you at the top. He with the most relevant copy wins - so make it rich and deep.

2. Can the Search Engines Read and "Crawl" All the Pages and Content on Your Site?: Probably the biggest surprise to most marketers is that the search engines are unable to either navigate or read most of the content on their website. If they can't read your copy, then it's not surprising that you're not getting the rankings or traffic to your website that you aspire to.

The only thing a search engine can read is words. Sites that are dynamic, or created in other formats such as Flash or Java often can't be read by the search engines. Even if they can read the content on your site, many times they can't navigate it properly or just bounce "off the walls" as there are no specific links or site map to tell the proper sequence or where to go next.

Want to see what Google is indexing on your website? Go to Google and type in: site:www.yourdomain.com . This will show you the title and description of the pages of your site they know about. If they are all the same or they don't have a title or description listed, chances are very good that your site is invisible to your target market.

3. Links... Why Are They So Important?: Link popularity is one of the most important factors search engines use in determining where you will rank in the search engine for your keywords and phrases, as it helps them to determine how important or popular your site is and what it's reputation is. In essence the search engines are saying "we're going to give top ranking to pages that have important and relevant sites linking to them".

Link Building is the process of finding related/relevant websites and receiving a link from them to you. Natural linking occurs when a site has good content that others will link to. But to get these links people have to know about you. It is a catch 22. Building links has gotten sophisticated in the last couple of years. Today you need a mixture of links from many sources including articles, press releases, social bookmarks, directories and social media sites.

How many links do you need to have? It depends on the individual keyword or phrase you want to be found under and how the links are structured. The search engines look at inbound links as a popularity contest but more importantly, they are looking at the quality of the pages that are linking to you and the "anchor text" - the "clickable link" and what it says about the page that it links to. The key to linking is to have the right anchor text on a link that points to a page that has content using the same keyword phrase.

You do not want to boost the overall number of links by more than 10-15% each month for an established site with history because this may trigger a filter from the search engines as an indicator of artificially inflated link popularity. New sites have an advantage since there has not been a history established and the link building can be done at a faster rate. Linking is critical not only with your search engine placement, but also because it helps stabilize you positions in the search engines and delivers traffic directly from the sites that link to you. But linking is not a once and you are done process. Generating new links is an ongoing process.

In summary, successfully implementing the above 3 strategies either through your efforts or through employing search engine promotion specialists will deliver the "triple punch" and the knockout punch you need to get top rankings on Google and the other search engines as well.

Article by Terry Mickelson Founder of PageViews.com, one of the foremost search engine optimization companies specializing in B2B search engine optimization and link building programs.

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1. TV Remash - :  TV Remash is a recently launched social search and social networking hybrid with an online video-editing tool that allows you to edit ANY YouTube & Gooble video and mashup the video cuts.

Simply mash up the free videos available and stream them from your site massive revisits. Cool service!

2. Gathering Pocket Change From The Internet -: Like to make some money the lazy way! This manual shows you the way how to go about it. While this won't make you rich, it will help you to earn some money that you can use to foot the bill for your Internet purchases.

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