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HomeBiz-Tips E-Mag
The Online Marketers Friendly E-Mag

Date: 1-5-2003 Issue: January
S.Kumar, Editor, http://www.learnhomebusiness.com  
Welcome to 's issue of "HomeBiz-Tips" 



=> Editors Note 
=> The Spotlights 1 & 2 
=> Guest Article
=> Free Resources Of The Fortnight
=> Special New Year Offer
=> Feedback from visitors 
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Hi ,

Rest of the world has swiftly got into 2003...except me! And the result is this delayed news letter.

Am I still in 2002 ? May be. Because the year 2002 has been generally good to me. My online dreams really took off last year and this year I dream to make Learnhomebusiness.com better and more beneficial to everyone associated with us.

First step is introduction of many more Info-Products at the lowest rate possible. We will be adding about 5 more products in a couple of weeks.

Second step will be to add an essential software section for small business owners--again at the lowest cost possible.

Watch out for these important changes.


 SPOTLIGHT #1 ON: www.101-website-traffic.com
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Do you have an online Business, Affiliate Programs or Products that just hasn't taken off like You thought it should? 

Then your solution lies in 100% professional email marketing to Opt-in Lists. Send Your ad ONLY to those prospects who have asked to be included in opt-in safe-lists for people interested in new business opportunities, products or services. Targeted email is the most direct and powerful method of marketing on the Internet today.

And Here is a great service that lets you send 2.5 Milliion emails every day for the rest of your life! The system is so simple that easily and quickly you can send email from your browser to these 2.5 Million opt-in members with 1-click! No special software required.

Main features of this service are,

  • 1-click emailing is done with your Web browser.

  • You can use the system once EVERYDAY to email well over 2.5 MILLION prospects TARGETED to receive your business offers.

  • Blast Your Ad to 765,000+ Ezine Subscribers!

  • Submit to 1,735,186 Search Engines and Directories!

  • Get listed in 1,800 Newspapers and magazines!

  • Blast to 1,410,781 Different Link Pages!

  • And much more

i.e. You can Auto-mail 75 Million Targeted Opt-In Prospects Every Month Using The Worlds Most Astonishing "Set And Forget" Technology. 

You must take a look at this #1 Rated service.
Visit: www.101-website-traffic.com 


 SPOTLIGHT #2 ON: www.ntchosting.com 
200 MB Hosting, 5GB Transfer!  Just $5 per month!

We all know that every body starts on the Internet without a website of their own. But eventually we realize that a website is an absolute necessity to run successful online businesses.

Here is your chance! This is the most cost effective resource I have ever come across --just $5 per month!

NTCHosting offers the most powerful hosting solution online today. The 200 MB of disk space is enough for almost any kind of site. The 5 GB of traffic included in the Business plan is enough bandwidth for up to 100,000 unique visitors. 100 email accounts with 100 aliases are enough to fulfill the needs of any small business.

The service have all the advanced features that are currently available to run a smooth and trouble free website. If you are seriously into making money from the Internet --then please get your own website and a domain name.

Check Out This Extremely Cost Effective Website Solution Here: www.ntchosting.com


GUEST ARTICLE by Laurie Meade

Editors Note: Like the Author Laurie Meade, I made these very same mistakes not too long ago. But you do not have to make the same mistakes...if you care to read this valuable article.

7 Tips I Wish I Had Known 6 Months Ago About 
Online Marketing

(c) by Laurie Meade
1.The importance of a schedule and staying focused.

Keeping on task. Schedule promotions. Plan and make a task schedule for project ideas. Schedule purchases --  (don't buy on impulse, the offer will still be there in a day or so!) Schedule time -- (remember to schedule time for family members as well :o) Schedule breaks from the computer -- (not just physical breaks, take your mind of your business and have some fun --, you'll be more fresh and productive when you go back to work!)
2. The importance and value of keeping good records

Backing Up Files
Affiliate Information
3. Don't try and run an online business with AOL

I personally have nothing against AOL It is a great service for the computer illiterate newbie. However, once you get the basics down, you can be much more productive with a different ISP. AOL does not allow you to filter email the way it needs to be filtered.
When I was doing my business through AOL, I sometimes would be dealing with over 500 emails a day. No way to send them to different folders as in Outlook Express, MailWasher or many other email programs. Unless they have drastically changed things in Version 8, it is one of the few that doesn't work with third party email programs. This just leads to wasted time and frustration.
4. Speaking of wasted time. 
Get a DSL hook up.
The extra cost is worth it in the matter of time saved.
Instantaneous downloads.
Web pages that come in as fast as the click of a mouse.

It means more productive time spent on the computer. More productivity means more money.
5. Learn what a great tool Yahoo can be

I have read good comments and bad, about Yahoo. All I know is from my own experience. When I first started online, I exchanged a review for a copy of FrontPage
2002. While reviewing it, I put up a "practice site" on geocities. You can visit it here: http://geocities.com/laurieslegends
I read where you had to have a domain name for people to take you seriously. I agree. However, I learned that a free site is very beneficial to your business as well. Putting links on a free site will bring traffic to your domain name. If you use Geocities.com, it will help you get listed in the Yahoo Directory eventually. Two of my pages at the above mentioned site, are listed in the Yahoo Directory. They are also the two that get the most traffic. By putting links on these pages to my other domain names, I can take advantage of all that free traffic.
You will  also able to access this site from any computer, even when yours is down.
You can start and manage groups easily. I love the convenience of running AutoResponse Plus right at my website.  However, having a group to promote articles on Yahoo, makes more sense. Once someone has signed up for one Yahoo Group, it is a simple click of a button to add other groups.
This is where the power of numbers comes in. Don't try and reinvent the wheel. Jump in and join the success by following  those who came before you.
6. Take the time to learn how to use Ebay

Even if your plan doesn't entail becoming a powerseller, by putting up a few auctions, you can direct traffic to your site and increase sales. You can learn everything you need and more from the ebooks offered at this site: http://www.makemoneyonline.us
I had wanted to learn Ebay but kept putting it off. To many other things to do. Because of a planned move, and the necessity of getting rid of valuable stuff, I started researching the ebooks I had about how to go about putting up an auction.
I sold more in one month, July 2002, than I had from Feb. through June, using Ebay. I also received my first affiliate commissions, several of them, from both my geocities and domain name websites that same month. It was definitely worth the time invested for my business. It can be a great traffic building for your business.

Email me at ebayqtn@gentlyused4kids.com if you have questions on Ebay auctions. I will help through emails any way I can.
7. Don't be afraid to do a press release

I had read many articles about how they could bring you big traffic. I also read how difficult they were to get read. I worried about too much publicity, invading my privacy.
I researched and studied how to do it, and took the plunge. It worked. The very first time. I got my press released published at PRWeb.com
8. Write it down when you think about it

Too often, I have written an article in my mind. Then it never seems to make it to paper. Being a single mom of three, I am busy. I have found by talking into a digital recorder or tape recorder, I can be more productive. Use that waiting time. This article was generated in my mind while waiting at a bus stop with my almost 2 year old. (He was strapped safely in his stroller with a snack, of course :o)
This article promised 7 tips--- I give you 10. These are my bonus tips.

9. Always give more than you promise

Everyone loves freebies. Put something for free on your site. It will generate more traffic. Then incorporate that freebie to generate sales. Writing articles is a great way to do this.

10. Promote free articles. 

After you have written several on the same topic, you can create a free ebook. Offer it as a tool for webmasters to customize and give away for free. You can offer this
customization for free or charge a fee for it. Put affiliate links in your ebook articles to promote backend sales.

If I had known all these things 6 months ago, my business would be bringing in more sales everyday. Learn from my mistakes so you can profit faster.
For more detailed information on each of these tips subscribe to my Free Ezine --- "Yes You Can"
Visit http://you2cansellonline.com for more details. Read a humorous version of "Twas the Night Before an Electronic Christmas" at http://gentlyused4kids.com



I believe, The Greatest Gift I can give you for this New Year is to make you self-sufficient. To give you that feeling of self acceptance.

I am the living proof --eBook does make money! And I am VERY certain that anyone can do it. Take advantage of our New Year Offer Package to build your own fleet of Info Products.

It does not matter --whether Free or commercial eBooks. Both will give you profits. , All You need is 6 Essential Items listed below! Here We go!

All 6 as a  complete eBook Creation package.  
What you  get is,

  1. Profit Pulling eBooks by Jimmy D Brown -$14.95
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  4. 55 eBook Marketing Opportunities by Monique Harris
  5. New Year Bonus#1: Free eBook Compiler
  6. New Year Bonus#2: Free eBook Cover Creator

There it is! You are now ready to Launch Your Own Fleet Of eBooks in just $14.95! A simple investment of $14.95 is all it takes to create your very own products that let you keep 100% of the profits.



  1. Millionaire at 31-Free Audio eBook: Stephan Ducharme, the "Free Ad Guru" went from total obscurity up to a famous millionaire. You can now read and LISTEN how the regular guy can become a millionaire on the Internet 
    at this hour. Excellent resource.

    Download Your Copy Of The Audio eBook From Here:

  2. Profit Inferno -Free eBook: 'Profit Inferno' teaches people not only how to systematically generate killer product ideas at will but also how to identify precisely which one will make them the most money. This is one among the best books I read recently.

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  3. MPAM Free Ad-Machine: What ever is your online business -you need hits. We found this service to be of immensely useful to us though it took a bit of time for the whole system to be in motion. 

    The problem is in setting it up and finishing it --requires truck load of patience. But If you can finish building your Ad-Machine--You have made it! Guaranteed!

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Dear S. Kumar,

"Become a Global Homebusiness Pro" is a very good example of how an eBook for the netrepreneur should be written. It is a step-by-step manual on building a profitable web-business and can be put to good use both by the beginner and the more advanced opportunity seeker.

My urgent recommendation: Get your very own copy, start reading it and do not waste any more time looking for other resources before you have not worked through all its pages and applied the very usable tips and techniques.

Best wishes,


Editors Note: Thanks Wolfgang for your kind words. 

Please e-mail your opinions about our site, my eBook 
or anything that you feel needs to be improved. This 
will enable us to improve and give you what you want.

Important Note: Just for letting us know of your honest 
thoughts we have SPECIAL GIFT for you - The Brand 
new eBook:
"-From Zero To Hero: How To Become A Top eBook Seller-"

Send your suggestions to 
and get the download information.



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Cordially -- S. Kumar

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