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HomeBiz-Tips E-Mag ---November 1


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HomeBiz-Tips --The Friendly Online Marketers E-Mag


The Friendly Online Marketers E-Mag

Date:11-1-2002 Issue: November-->1-15
S.Kumar, Editor, http://www.learnhomebusiness.com  
Welcome to your Nov--> 1-15 issue of 
"HomeBiz-Tips E-Mag". 


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A little good news from the home front! The new section
at www.learnhomebusiness.com -
Cost Effective Buying
is coming up and in about 10 days the first 5
products for webmasters will be launched.

Second good news is for our Affiliates!  And this is a real
cracker! Soon you will be able to open an
at your site (including free servers) and sell ALL
our products individually as if it is your own! You can 
place direct order links on your pages for all our products 
individually. This essentially means, your customers can
buy our products directly from your site with a direct order 
link. Expected open in about 10 days and all affiliates will
be informed.

If you are still not a member of our affiliate program, 
Join Free Here:

=> SPOTLIGHT On: http://www.business-ideas.biz
This is NOT a business opportunity... just lots 
and lots of do-able business ideas that you can duplicate!


People In Your Own Neighborhood Are Making Money At 
Home. Why Aren't You?

People are running Little-known businesses out of their 
homes. And making a killing from them -- more than many
make slaving at my boring 50+ hours a week job. The 
owners of these little gold mines are perfectly happy to 
work the business in their area and keep their mouth's 
shut about what they are doing. 

Publicity about the kind of money they are racking in 
would only cause more competition to move in and 
squeeze their profits.

Here is a cheap resource!

  • Easy to start home businesses that are so 
    simple to begin.

  • Home businesses of your own with little or
    no capital.

  • Selecting home businesses that fetch you
    $500/week --Full or Part time.


  • If you are absolutely serious about starting a simple
    Home based business, Check out this cheap resource:


          1. Free entrepreneurial Quizzes: Are you
            self-motivated, self driven and willing to invest 
            effort, time, and money? Can get up after a 
            failure and try again? Assess your Personality 
            with many Free Psychological Tests.
            Are ready for a home business! Check Here:

          2. Free Click Tracker: Many people charge for a
            service like this where you track the results of
            your Ad-Campaigns, Other Promotional Campaigns
            and more. This free service lets you track the 
            effectiveness of your clicks by providing you with 
            free stats on number of times clicked, referring 
            URLs, user agent etc.

            You can finish the whole process in 3 simple steps.
            Extremely useful if you promote an affiliate program
            as they integrate tracking with a short URL.
            Get Your Free Tracker Here:

            *__________________HOT TIP_________________* 
            If you are looking for Superb Free Web-Tools,
            "Global Home Biz Pro -Deluxe" has 105 of them!
            Additionally, you get $1362 worth of Super 
            Quality Products with Resell Rights! 

            Review it thoroughly Now!
            *--------------------HOT TIP---------------------* 

          3. Free Spam Stopper On Your Website: Its a 
            nuisance! There are many demonic software's out 
            there that extracts emails from our website and use 
            it for spamming us! Even worse --Some guys even 
            put it on a CD sell it all around. The result, we are 
            spammed day in and day out.

            You can get your email IDs encrypted by clicking on
            just button at this site. Then Add it into your web
            Page. The Spam bots will never be able to extract
            your email IDs any more!
            Get your Free Spam Stopper Here:

          4. Copernicus Marketing IQ Test: Copernicus found 
            that "the average marketing IQ of senior executives 
            is just 79 out of national sample of 1000 CEOs 
            (Average=100, Top Score Possible=160)'

            Take the test to see how you rank. After you finish
            the test --you get back the questions with your
            answers and an explanation of the correct answers.
            Also check out the Discoveries of the Month section,
            and many other interesting aspects of marketing like
            marketing myths, best practices, psycho graphic 
            profiles and more.
            Take Your Free Marketing IQ Test Here:

            [Editors Note: I do have some reservations on many 
            of their findings and answers but still it is good]

          => FROM OUR READERS

          Please e-mail your opinions about our site, my eBook 
          or anything that you feel needs to be improved. This 
          will enable us to improve and give you what you want.

          Important Note: Just for letting us know of your honest 
          thoughts we have SPECIAL GIFT for you - The Brand 
          new eBook:
          "-From Zero To Hero: How To Become A Top eBook Seller-"

          Send your suggestions to 
          and get the download information.


          Well! That sums up the First fortnight of November
          HomeBiz-Tips E-Mag Issue.

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          'HomeBiz-Tips' along. It just may be useful to some one else!

          Cordially, S. Kumar

          Publisher: http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 
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          Author of eBook:
          "Become A Global Homebusiness Pro.."
          Download It FREE From - http://www.learnhomebusiness.com

          Copyright 2002: S. Kumar, http://www.learnhomebusiness.com  


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