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HomeBiz-Tips E-Mag
The Online Marketers Friendly E-Mag

Date: 9-15-2003 Issue: September-->1-15-31
S. Kumar, Editor, www.learnhomebusiness.com  
Welcome to "HomeBiz-Tips" 


Hi ,

Do you tap on your hidden energies?

We as humans need to know that wear out results from lack of use of our capacities. Each one of us possess enormous amounts of energy, more than we can ever hope to use.

But how to tap into this vast reservoir of potential energy. Here are some methods.

Stay In Shape: Its beyond doubt that a well exercised body oozes energy. 30 minutes of workout everyday will reduce the stress levels as well as supply you energy.

Utilize Anger Effectively: No doubt- you and me experiences anger. But we are taught to suppress it and store it. The best way to use this hidden force is to go and work furiously on a pet project of yours.

Accelerate the positives: Studies proves that people with a positive outlook suffers from far less sickness and has more energy than others. The trick lies in acknowledging the negatives but living positively.

Tell The Truth: This works best when your true feelings are revealed but not used to insult others to get your own way. What this means is share your feelings unconditionally.

Learn To Prioritize: Learn to move in one direction. Learn to make choices. Organize them in the order of importance. Know that indecision leads to inaction which in turn leads to lethargy and loss of energy.

Commit Yourself 100%: There is nothing more energizing than a tough, firm deadline. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who does not have a boss to breath down the neck.

Keep Moving Forward: You cannot build energy by hoarding it. There is enough of creative work out there for all of us. Whatever you want to do -- begin it. 


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Are you sitting down? Good. Use these simple exercises to get in shape right in your seat!!

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Get Fit While You Sit

Get Fit While You Sit

How many hours has passed since you got up from your darn PC?  If you are someone like me, its six hours over and I am still sitting with tired and stiff limbs.

It doesn't have to be like this any longer. 

Jeff Ball, an ACE certified personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 15 years has some easy ways for both of us to stay in shape even while we sit.

Women can: Thin your thighs, Flatten your tummy, Slim down your hips, Tone up your arms, Firm up your butt and your entire body… 

Men Can: Trim down your love handles and get rid of that 'spare tire', Sculpt your chest, Get definition in your arms, Zap away any job stress and much more… 

Imagine getting a workout as you are reading this.

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Get Fit While You


GUEST ARTICLE by Pamela Heywood

How-To Fail Miserably in Business on the Net -
in Seven Easy Lessons Starting Today.

By Pamela Heywood

Do you know how much easier it is to learn the right way to do things if at first you see the wrong way? Think about it. Think about everything you ever learned by trial and error from the first time you fell off you bike onwards. Well, I'm going to show you how to apply this learning principle to your online efforts in seven easy lessons, no risk. And believe me, I'm an expert.

1. Don't get your own domain

Why would you want to invest a measly $35 (max) in your business annually on some name? You know who you are, right? You have no trouble believing that several hundred gazillion Internet strangers in almost as many countries will trust you - if they find you - even without a reputable brand and ID.

Fine, go get yourself one of those l-o-n-g URLs at a free website that takes at least as long to load as it does to remember. Better still go get one of those self-replicated, absolutely identical, clone "programs" with a FREE website. Write me when you get it to the top of the search engine listings. No, I cant wait that long, write me when you get it listed on the search engines at all. I expect my mailbox won't be overflowing.

2. Don't have any original products to sell

You're OK with that business-in-a-box (for people in boxes, I guess?) that only requires you to give things away. It only cost you $69.95 to get in, so there's no risk. No selling, anyone can do this ... You'll earn $689,000,075 daily (give or take $689 million). On WHAT exactly, may I ask?

While you're at it, just get a heap of affiliate banners, throw them on a page, invite two friends to visit and they're gonna buy stuff. Don't sell anything you know about, don't use the products and services yourself and above all make sure there is no information, explanation, testimonials or even text anywhere to be found on your site.

Don't be fooled by the "experts" who tell you that the only way to make any real money is to have something that's 100% yours (your profit), can be delivered online and is not only wanted by your carefully chosen market, but actually useful.

3. Don't publish a newsletter

See lesson 6 if you MUST do email marketing. Everyone, well both of them who found you by accident, maybe they were the two friends? Is gonna buy, buy, buy, the moment they hit your website and read your carefully written information about your products and services that tells them what's in it for them. Oh, no I told you that you don't need it. How silly of me.

Don't think that you have to prove yourself to be an expert in your field: don't think that the least it does is keep reminding folks to come back and that you didn't fly-by-night. You'll never need to ask people to recommend you to their friends or put your offers in front of them many times before they'll be comfortable to buy from you. Forget marketing rules.

4. Submit your site to 100,000,000 places daily

You've got masses of time on your hands right? So you can afford to spend it all, wildly submitting your site everywhere to 9 million search engines and 99 gazillion free links pages.

Throw enough $*** and it will stick, won't it? It'll stink too. When did you last look for something on the 9 millionth search engine? When did you trawl around links pages looking for a good deal? Do you think you're the only one who doesn't?

Don't let anyone tell you that the search engines will penalize you for over submitting or for linking to pages not designed for human beings (yes, they can tell the difference). I'm not exactly sure how the technology works to get you a negative listing.

5. Advertise, don't advertise

Advertise your standard off-the-peg, tried-and-tested advert that came with the "program", complete with your long URL with your little number on the end, everywhere, anywhere.

Don't worry about it being ignored because it's the same as everyone else's that appears right next to it day in, day out. Don't worry about cheaters knocking your little numbers off and doing you out of your 75 cent commission and most of all don't offer your goods in exactly the right market.

Where is that, I wonder? You'll never need to know.

When you do find a good, well-written, original, benefit packed and correctly formatted ad, only ever use it once. That will be enough for the whole world to see it and make you rich.

6. Send sp^am

Lots of it. This is great, and does double-duty instead of informative newsletters or pesky advertising. Bu^y specially cleaned lists of "safe" names and addresses of people who are just eager to receive "information on great money-making opportunities". It's a little vague, but these people obviously know what their avid, carefully harvested readers want and a good deal when they see it.

You really won't upset your ISP every time you send out those 2 million emails and have 3 million of them bounce back at you clogging up their mail server. So long as you say this is not spam, it isn't, right? They'll forgive you and even give you a fair trial, won't they?

And reputations are dead easy to get, aren't they?

7. Forget people, this is technobabble time

Now pay attention here, this is the most important lesson. This is the Internet folks. Let's see how it works ...

There's all these computers connected to all these computers all over the world and all you have to do is send all of these computers lots of identical messages back and forth - this is called Internet Marketing - and lots of money will magically arrive into your bank account.

There are no humans involved. You don't have to talk to them, inform them, woo them, care about finding solutions to their problems, know who they are and what they want ... The rules of human nature, as well as those of business, are totally different in cyber-paradise than they are in the real world. The Internet is not the real world.

Congratulations. You've now completed the entire course and graduated from the Internet's First School of Failure. Read back between the lines and I'm sure you'll find the path to success.

(This story was entirely fictional, all resemblance to real people, either living or dead, any offers, services, products or vague "programs" is entirely coincidental.)

Pamela Heywood is webmistress of www.tucats-design.com - Building Your Online Business Instinctively. Subscribe to the weekly TuCats Mewsletter (sic) mailto:subscribe@tucats -design.com
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