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ezine,magazine and e zines,free ezine,free traffic course,traffic course,free classified ads,news letter,good news letter,e magazine,free news letter

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HomeBiz-Tips E-Mag ---September 15

SPECIALS FROM---> www.learnhomebusiness.com
HomeBiz-Tips --The Friendly Online Marketers E-Mag

The Friendly Online Marketers E-Mag

Date:9-15-2002         Issue: September-->15-30
S.Kumar, Editor, http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 
Dear Reader, Welcome to your Sep--> 15-30 issue of 
"HomeBiz-Tips E-Mag". 


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Hello Reader,

Sometime back I received a Question from a customer.

" You have given us a -Viral Marketing Guide-
and in your eBook -Become a Global Home Business-
you asked us to set up an Ad-Machine.

But how do you expect me to open up 50 startpage
page programs! That means I will have to surf
all day long to generate a reasonable amount of
traffic "

Well! he was right...And my answer to him has been
improved into an Important Free E-course 1000-Hits-A-Day!

This is a Technique that I use to drive 1000 hits a day! 
Imagine Earning 1000 FREE HITS A Day To Your Website 
INSTANTLY Without Having To Refer Anyone To Earn Your 
FREE Traffic.

You may join for this Special Course At:

[No need to download anything again unless you want to]


-1. Emarketer.com: If you are really on to an online business, 
you should precisely know where the Internet is heading! 

They aggregate and analyze eBusiness statistics and information 
from over 1,000 Research Sources Worldwide and make
projection on where the Internet is heading. Also publishes a 
fine newsletter that analyses what's happening...and what's not. 
Subscribe to their daily Informative Free newsletter. Other 
services costs money.

Visit these fine people here:

-2. Jackstreet.com: Here is a step-by-step Free audio guide 
about starting an Online Business. You can listen to many 
Internet related Topic simply at the click of a button. Listening 
to these audios will help you if you are beginner.

Listen to the Free Audios here:

-3. Would you like to publish an email Newsletter. Here are 10
Free Tips that will help you to do it the easy way.

Download "Top Ten Tips for Starting Your Email Newsletter"

-4. Special for A0L OR COMPUSERVE members. You can 
place 20 FREE simultaneous classified Ads. Your basic listing 
includes include a standard headline, one photo, unlimited 
description text. Your listing will be on ClassifiedPlus on AOL, 
AOL.COM, CompuServe, Digital City, and Netscape.

Place Your Free Ads Here:

Roibot.com- The Self Evolving Marketing Tools.

Enough has been said about Roibot.com because they still
remains the BEST by continually evolving and keep adding 
suites of power marketing tools. But the name floats around 
too much that an ordinary marketer "shuts himself up" when 
he sees Roibot.com...without even bothering to take a second
look! ( Himalayan Blunder)

But wait! I have a special purpose in listing them here which 
you will know in a moment. Please read this SPOTLIGHT in its
entirety to know what I mean.

To be a Successful Online Marketer you need certain attitudes
and MUST KNOW how to use a set of clear cut tools, like the
ones listed below. You can get it all for just $1 (yes! One Buck)

- Autoresponder Server: Allows you to send a series of follow 
up messages to your customers using any time interval you
specify. This program will keep you in constant contact with 
all your customers with personalized follow-up messages. You
need an unlimited number of personalized autoresponder
messages for different purposes like newsletter subscriptions,
products follow ups etc! Normally this costs about $19/month.

- Webpage Spying: You need a tool to keep a tab on your
competitors activities as well as to monitor any web site you 
choose for the slightest change made to that page. This will
allow you to stay informed on the latest updates made on 
your favorite web sites. The tool must have a facility to 
schedule to monitor sites daily, weekly, or monthly, and 
should even send you email notifis once a change has been detected. Costs about $12/month.

- Free Access to Experts: You must have access to get your
hands on those little known secrets that have been used by 
the experts to make them rich and famous. Each month a 
new expert reveals their best-kept secrets on how to succeed 
in business. Advices costs you by hour!

- Website Monitoring: Clear control of your web site. This tool 
should notify you instantly if your site goes down and to
troubleshoot any problems that arise. This is mission critical. Costs about $9/month.

- Ad Tracker: You must track the effectiveness of your ad
campaigns or any link on the net. By doing this you will
immediately come to know which of your links, Ad copy, Web
pages are bringing you sales. Essential tool for affiliates and
merchants alike! 

- Spider Submission Server: You must schedule and automate
the submitting and re-submitting of your sites to the search
engines. Submission Server allows you to submit multiple sites 
to the search engines. You then have the option to schedule
follow-up submissions that will occur automatically based on 
your instructions. Costs about $15/month

- Newsletter Server: Turns your local PC into a newsletter
server. Automates and schedules the management and mailing 
of unlimited newsletter lists of any size. Software will cost $100

- Order Form Creator: Instantly creates secure order forms for
your products. You won't have to switch web hosts or change
merchant accounts. All the more better if it can fully integrates
with the Ad Tracker so you can track which of your marketing
campaigns brought in the order. Amazing! Costs about $19/month.

- Any Form Integrator: Instantly integrate your existing web
forms to track the response from each. This amazing feature 
will allow you to find out which of your marketing campaigns 
are getting the response and which are not. This is mission
critical market testing data that can be used to drive up your
response - and your profits.

- FFA Submission Server: FFA submissions is not worth
spending time! But if you can set it up once, runs on a 
schedule on auto-pilot and never touch it again!, why not get
the extra traffic? Just set it up once and the app does all the
work for you from that day forward.

The above tools will do Double the work in Half-the time
...Doubling your Profits!

And At what cost. Just $1! for a month long trial at Roibot.com!

" Now my MAIN PURPOSE of listing Roibot.com was to remind 
you that you must LEARN how to use these POWER TOOLS 
[from Roibot or some one else] if you ever aspire to be an 
online success. Period.

...And Roibot offers you that ONE CHANCE for you to Learn,
Implement and Profit from these tools hands on for a full month!
It costs just $1 for your free trial.

Once through the First month, you will be a RAZOR EDGE
Marketer! Guaranteed.

Braze up, Train Yourself For Month In These
Mighty Suite Of Power Marketing Tools:

From our Readers: 

Please e-mail your opinions about our site, my eBook or anything
that you feel needs to be improved. This will enable us to give
you what you want.

Important Note: Just for letting us know of your honest thoughts 
we have SPECIAL GIFT for you - The Brand new eBook:
"-From Zero To Hero: How To Become A Top eBook Seller-"

Send your suggestions to 
and instantly get the download information.


Well! That sums up the Last fortnight of September 
HomeBiz-Tips E-Mag.

You can be sure that we will strive to bring you better articles, 
meaningful free resources and other spot lights in forth coming
issues that will aid you to run your home business /online business 
with super success!

If you received this issue from a colleague or friend you can
directly subscribe by sending a blank email
  with the "subject line"
as --Subscribe.

Or you may visit: http://www.learnhomebusiness.com/freeglobal.htm 
to subscribe.

You are encouraged to pass this issue of 
'HomeBiz-Tips' along. It just may be useful to some one else!

Enjoy Your Days!

Cordially, S. Kumar

Publisher: http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 
Subscribe: subscribe@learnhomebusiness.com 
Author of eBook:
"Become A Global Homebusiness Pro.."
Download It FREE From - http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 

Copyright 2002: S. Kumar, http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 



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