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How A Simple Work Of 30 Minutes Can Lead To 
Unexpected Online Windfalls By S. Kumar

Let me reveal something really easy to do and effective to you today where you can earn about $150/day without much sweat. Stay focused here for a few minutes and make it a point to implement it immediately.

I did this experiment on a lazy Sunday afternoon without expecting much. There's an inexpensive tool that I bought last week and it was supposed to create cash generating Facebook pages on auto-pilot.

And LOL! I did end up with a monetized and seo optimized Facebook page in just under 30 minutes. That too with an opt-in form embedded in it!

This is the Facebook page I created. It was astonishingly childlike and easy to build.

Now, that Facebook page as such is unimportant and is NOT the point of discussion here! Period!

What makes it very relevant to you is the powerful cash generation principle hiding in it that you can replicate and multiply for some real online income. In a moment we will get to it.

Have a second look at the the Facebook Page again. You'll observe 5 components on the page.

  1. Build an email Opt-in Subscription list..
  2. Make Affiliate Commisions from Banners.
  3. It has auto-created affiliate Widgets from Clickbank,  Commission Junction and Amazon on the topic.
  4. It has an auto-inserted banners
  5. It has best ways to promote CPA Offers through videos, articles & news.

All the above 5 sections are basically done on auto-pilot by this special tool with minimum effort from my part.

Now we come to the most important part of this article. It's the secret strategy that I am working on currently with this tool.

Step 1: Create about 30 such Facebook pages in any of the high profit Niches (e.g. Forex trading/dog training) by spending 30 minutes on an average on each page.

Step 2: Once done, with some social book marking and posting on relevant walls, I can anticipate a minimum of $5/day from each one of these niche topic Facebook page. That is an income potential of $150/day and a generous $4500/month with most work done on autopilot. That too only with Facebook and even without a website.

Here's a sample screen shot of such a Money Making Site below.

Childishly Simple. Isn't it?

And here's the powerful but easy-to-use tool that creates such simple, cash generating unlimited Facebook pages. You don't even need to know a line of html coding to do this.

S. Kumar is the Webmaster of Next, Join His Newsletter For More Money Making Tips, Free Videos, Info Products... to the tune of $1000!


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