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20 Article Marketing Tips To Ensure Free Traffic For Years To Come!

By S. Kumar

Are you under the impression that article marketing doesn't matter in a world of videos, podcasts and Instagram?

On a close observation you'll find that it matters more! Ask anyone who's into internet marketing for a while.

You'll be surprised by their answerers! Article marketing is imperative to the success of one's online business - whether you publish on social media, blog or to article submission directories.

Here are 20 article marketing tips guaranteed to give you a leg-up on your competition.

  1. Make sure you?re publishing original and informative Content

  2. Try to avoid direct Affiliate Links in your article body. Use a Link Management software to do this.

  3. Readers are hungry for informative articles where you share your expertise. Articles that include tips, strategies, case-studies, how-to?s, reviews, opinions and commentaries are well-received. This way, people will be more inclined to trust your recommendations.

  4. Avoid ?hypey articles? i.e. excessive self-promotion.

  5. Use decent English, i.e. spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc.

  6. Punctuation rules: Always include one or two spaces after a period but be consistent. If you incorporating ??? thing, ALWAYS include (3) dots through out the article. If separating something with a hyphen, use two (example; ?- -?. Never include a space before a comma or period

  7. The Title of your article should be in upper case. It?s best to capitalize the first letter of each word. But it is not necessary to capitalize ?minor? words such as ?to,? ?and,? the like.

  8. Keep your articles clean from information that are deemed illegal, immoral or promoting hate or violence.

  9. Don?t put quotes (" ") around your Title. That's meant for the headline on your site - not for your article?s Title.

  10. Never put a period at the end of your article Title. If you really want to do any punctuation, say an exclamation point or question mark, use only one. Readers despise things like ?Check this out!!!!!!? in an article


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  1. Include proper keywords for your Title. Place your most important keywords within the first 3-4 words of your title - you have a better chance for more traffic to your article.

  2. Keep your article body between 300-1500 words.

  3. Control the urge to use the words ?I? and ?me? as much as possible. Readers are more interested in ?What?s in it for me?? kind of articles. They are not much interested in knowing how great you are.

  4. You can use HTML coding in the body text but this depends upon where you are submitting your article.

  5. You can usually have up to 3 live links in your article body but these should be ?resource? links but not to your own sites.

  6. Take advantage of ?anchor text? links if the sites allow it. An ?anchor text,? means the ability to hyperlink a Keyword Phrase back to your site. you can hyperlink the phrase ?Article Marketing Tips? to point back to your site about "Article Marketing Tips". This is powerful! It makes your article marketing sophisticated and efficient.

  7. Your Resource Box (or Bio Box), is the cardinal spot where you promote yourself. Keep it to about 3-6 lines long written as a third person. Writing in the ?third person? look more professional and bring more traffic to your site(s). Include no more than two outbound links from your Bio.

  8. DON?T use mailto: or include an email address in your article. You are just inviting spammers.

  9. Take enough time to fill-in the ?keyword? area of the article submission form and on the ?article summary? section. These are the two areas that vastly improves your chances of your article getting found. So take care of this section seriously. (3-5 keywords/keyword phrases is recommended)

  10. Finally, list your article correctly in the proper category and or sub-category. Content hungry Ezine Publishers and Webmasters will find this useful to find your articles. Needless to say, you'll greatly increase your article?s distribution potential.

Two More Important Tips

  1. Try and avoid publishing your articles on various sites on the same day! You may get a sudden upward lift in traffic but it may also alert Google to de-index your site to verify the reason for the sudden popularity of your site. So phase out your article submission over a period of time

  2. Refrain from submitting PLR articles without making adequate changes. With so much PLR content available today it may be tempting to submit it as it is. Don't do it.

    The purpose of PLR articles is to provide you with a basis to write and not for outright submission. Rewrite it and make it unique. Here is a simple article re-writing software that can help you make your article unique.


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