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Google+ Marketing Is Exploding...The Startling Figures That Talks!
 By S. Kumar

There is EVERY reason to conclude that Google+ Marketing is exploding since Google opened its doors to the general public - if the following startling figures are any indicators.

  1. Google Plus users were estimated to be around 10 million users as on September 9.
  2. Now, experts have put the figures that Google Plus has accumulated over 37.8 million users, with most of the growth occurring in the two days of making the service public without invitation. And if you include non-Roman surnames, the estimate would be around 43.4 million users.
  3. This means, undoubtedly, Google Plus is making giant strides and is absolutely exploding by clocking over 30% growth in just two days of going public!The current figures are now estimated to be a whopping 62 million!. That's an impressive rate of adoption.
  4. Lately, Google has surpassed 50 million users in flat 88 days of launch! Other popular social networks like Twitter has taken 1096 days, Facebook 1325 days, MySpace 1046 days and Linkedin has taken 2354 days to achieve this.
  5. The current figures in the first week of January 2012 are now estimated to be a whopping 62 million! That's an impressive rate of adoption from 10million in September 2011.

So looking into the future with the above mentioned figures as a reference,

What will be the growth of Google+ Marketing in the weeks and months to come? Can you wildly imagine the Google Plus marketing channel that's exploding right in front of your eyes?

  1. Why Google Plus is poised for an absolute explosion for marketers? There are three simple reasons that one can immediately think of.
  2. The search option added to to Google+ recently. This feature alone lifts the service from a perceived "toy" into a dynamic user "tool" that will make sure people will use Google Plus.
  3. Google+ is NOW opened to the public with no invitation! It's official now and is "beta". NO longer on "field trial".

Unlike Twitter's one-way communication, Google+ actually lets you have a two-way communication with others. Now this is an invaluable asset in Google Plus Marketing. Trends shows that people on Google Plus are more open and comments more than on Facebook. Generally, one feels a larger camaraderie among people.

The picture becomes clearer now!

Google Plus is emerging as major traffic source! And marketers can no more ignore Google+ as another critical business tool.

But how do we de-code the explosive Google Plus Marketing potential and ride on its popularity for more customers and sales.

If you are looking for a an instruction manual on Google+ Marketing Tips that comes with precise info and with infographics, here is a good resource that can make you a Google+ Marketing professional.

The new, Google+ Exposed Version 2.0 was released a few days back.

The new release includes:

  1. 15 Exclusive Killer Google+ tricks for the real aggressive Google+ power users.
  2. 9 Free and chosen Google+ resources that will make you a master of Google+ in no time.
  3. 5 Google+ Plugins that will help you squeeze the most from your Google+ Account.

Access => Google+ Exposed Version 2.0

Hope you have enjoyed this little piece on Google+ Marketing tips.

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