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7 Steps to "Resale Rights" Riches
By Michael Hopkins

Even if you never write a word of your own, you can still earn plenty of money in the lucrative ebook business. 

Many ebook authors include full, royalty-free resale rights with some of their products. This means that, when you buy their ebooks, you can use them for yourself  and also sell them to others -- keeping 100% of the profits. 

By doing this, the author of the ebook benefits in two ways:

1. He/she increases the value of the ebook to the potential customer and, therefore, makes more sales (at least in the short term).

2. By being sold across a number of websites, the ebook will ultimately reach more people thus increasing the author's profile and credibility and bringing more website traffic from links included in the ebook.

At least half the websites out there that generate huge incomes from ebooks sell no 'original' titles of their own. They sell ebooks written by others -- ebooks with resale rights.

Whether you're already involved in the ebook business or not, reselling other people's ebooks can be an excellent way to generate steady profits. Get in early on a 'hot new title' and you can really rake in a massive amount of money in a very short length of time. 

Here's a good approach to getting started: 

: As soon as you hear about the latest hot new ebook 
visit the website.

STEP 2 : On the website evaluate the ebook with these criteria 
in mind: 

  1. Does the price include full resale rights
  2. Does the deal include a full copy of the sales page complete with graphics? 
  3. Is the sales page good? (Does is really make YOU WANT the product? If it doesn't work for you, it probably won't work for others).
  4. Will your existing visitors or subscribers be interested  in this ebook (or do you think you can easily reach the right target market)?

STEP 3 : Go to a few major search engines like or and run a search for the ebook title. Are there a lot of websites already selling the book? If yes, then it's been around for a while and you may not make the big surge in income you'd expect from a brand new ebook. However, this is also an indication that it's popular, so it may be a good one to consider 
for more moderate, medium-term profits. 

STEP 4 : Once you've established that this ebook looks like a winner, it's time to get your own copy for resale. 

Many books that come with resale rights also come with the right to redistribute it for free. Be sure to check your search engine results (above) to verify if there are any websites giving it away for free (even if it means subscribing to a newsletter, or whatever). 

Make sure you get the sales page and all the other stuff you would get if you were paying for it. If you do find a free version, then jump to STEP 5 below.

If you can't find a free version, verify from the search results where you can buy it cheapest. (NOTE: Be sure to take a look in the auction sites like to see if it's on sale there).

STEP 5 : Once you've downloaded the ebook plus the sales page, you should evaluate the book to see what you think of it. You don't want to sell garbage to your visitors /customers/ subscribers. Likewise, if you're planning to target a brand new market, then you want to get your relation with your new customers off to a positive start (after all, you want them to buy the next hot product you stumble across ;-) 

STEP 6 : Personalize the sales page with your own order information. Decide what price you want to sell the ebook for (if the author gives permission to resell at 'any' price). Set up your own order link (using ClickBank, PayPal, or whatever). Then send it online to your web server. Avoid using free hosting services as these tend to diminish your credibility (see here for an article on how I host brand new domains for free: 

STEP 7 : Launch your marketing blitz! The quicker you can 
get your product out to as many people as possible, the more money you'll make. Target it to your existing customers and/or reach new target markets. There's no shortage of information out there on how to market your product, so I won't get into all that here.

Whatever methods you use, make sure you use your money to target the right audience. There's no point in advertising your insider guide to saving money on life insurance in an ezine that's aimed at 16-year old video-gamers. 

And there you have it! 

An easy and enjoyable approach to generating short-term surges in income that will turn into longer-term steady flows of cash. The overall investment is usually small, and the potential returns are very big indeed. 

Try it out today. Keep your eyes peeled for great deals and act quickly when you spot them!

Michael Hopkins is owner of BizzyDays Ebook Publications. Visit now to download original ebooks for FREE at: .This article first appeared in Michael's newsletter 'Ebook Times'. To subscribe visit:

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