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Make Money with these Simple 
Instant- Home Business Ideas!

By S. Kumar,

Is there a fairly simple way to make money?

Yes! There is! In two ways. With your own web appropriate products and/or with branded products.

The simple small business ideas are,

  • Create your own info products
  • Get products which can be immediately downloaded by your customers worldwide...preferably with 100% Resell rights!
  • Get branded products with no cost on Inventory, no delivery headaches, no warehousing...still sell them
  • Auction both of these at auction sites as a physical product CD. e.g. eBay Auction!
  • Or sell both of these from yahoo stores/your own website

Here is the How of small business ideas,

How to create your own info products

After sex, information is the best selling product on the Internet. And creating an information product easier than you think- the perfect small business idea!

Begin to write! Your acquired knowledge and experience are needed by the rest of us. The subject matter could be anything...but write from your heart. Follow these four simple rules of Internet writing!

  1. Keep the reader in mind...Not writing rules.

  2. Write in a conversational style....Not business reports.

  3. Thoroughly research...No misinformation.

  4. Write in short sentences and paragraphs...Not volumes

More than your writing ability it is the content that gets sold! Spend a lot of time researching the subject matter and deliver them in a concise, simple conversational way.

And publish your HTML files as a compressed, downloadable and executable (.exe) form using an ebook compiler. Many good compilers are available in the market.

Creating a professional ebook is as easy as point and click operation with E-Book Starter Kit and by far the easiest to use. You can download a fully functional trial version before you buy it. It costs around $90.

Another good compiler is Active ebook Compiler. There are clear instructions how to use it. You can download a trial version. Price tag is around $29.

Download the both the compilers and try it. Find which one suits you most before your select.

Another fine option is Jimmy.D.Brown's Infopublishing Toolbox. You get a 420 page manual for on creating info products, the compiler software ebook Creator, Killer ebook cover tutorial on how to create covers and graphics and many other stuff. The total package comes for $34.95 and this is a bargain. Check out Infopublishing Toolbox too before you buy.

Finally, Build a Killer Mini Site and upload it into your website.

Accept Payments through Click bank with a one time activation charge of $49. Or use Free services of Paypal to receive payments from buyers!

Key Note: Has this come to your attention anytime! There is way to Build Professional eBooks absolutely Free! Learn how to Build a professional eBook Free!



How to get Info products with 100% resell rights 

Info-products is of high-demand on the Internet. Being digital there is no shipping and nothing print. Immediately download all the eBooks, make as much copies as you want, sell unlimited copies and keep 100% of the profits...easy small business idea! Sell either from your site or just ebay auction them. Here are two sources where you can get quality info-products inexpensively.

1. Business package for Entrepreneurs: This package contains 2000 informational eBooks & Software's. Sell the entire ebook package together or sell each of them individually. In short you can do whatever you want with it. 

You also get unlimited free upgrades to new versions, 365 days 100% money back guarantee and a free website to get started. Valued at $600 but the whole package is priced only at $47 when last checked. This is definitely a bargain.

Reading all these books at $47 itself will compensate for the money spend! And you also get resale rights for all these 2000 books. Learn more about Business package for Entrepreneur .

Key Note: Many of the ebooks mentioned above are available with Resell Rights from the Deluxe version Become a Global Home Business Pro! lower Price and with many more small business ideas. Learn More about "Become a Global Home Business Pro!"


2. Free to sell profit pack : These guys too will give you excellent eBooks with resale rights. You get complete reprint/resell rights. Make as many duplicate copies as you want and sell them individually or as a single package.

Free to Sell Profit Pack (includes 4 titles above +16 more and FREE Updates and New Products), $49.97 

Free to sell profit pack is priced at $49.97. Learn more about free to sell profit pack.

Key Note: Many of the eBooks mentioned above are available with Reseller Rights from the Deluxe version Become a Global Home Business Pro! lower Price and with many more small business ideas! Learn More about "Become a Global Home Business Pro!"

We will get to a simple way how to sell these books in a short while. The next section deals with getting branded products with no inventory costs, no delivery head aches, no warehousing...and still sell them.



3. 123webmarketing : Their books are of very high quality and reseller rights cost varies from $9.97 to $1700. Written by Jimmy.D.Brown all are good books and offers value for money.

Some of the good ones are given below!

  • Ezine Ad Profits. 
  • Profit Pulling eBooks. 
  • Profit Pulling Newsletters. 
  • Traffic Virus 3.0 Submission Software. 
  • Instant Info-Products. 
  • Putting Info-Products on the Auction Block. 
  • Web Marketing Profit Pack. 

Check out the above eBooks with Reseller Rights from 123webmarketing

Key point: 4 superb Free eBooks on small business ideas written by Jimmy.D.Brown are available for Download from  here.


How to Get branded products without any cost.

Drop ship directory :Drop Shipping is the method of retail sales where you do not purchase and warehouse these products. After the customer buys from you,  the whole sale distributor directly ships the product to the customer...a perfect home business idea with no sweat! 

You get paid by the customer before you pay the distributor! it's a system where your money is not blocked and is the most inexpensive way to to sell 1000 quality international brands like Adidas, Panasonic, Compaq and other 4,35,000 products. 

Drop ship system is a perfect home business idea and works in flat 8 steps as given below!

  1. You open an internet store with a shopping cart facility. Get credit card accepting facility free from
    if you do not have one.

  2. Next, Locate drop ship wholesalers who is willing to drop ship the products you are interested in.

  3. Open an account with the drop ship wholesaler of your choice.

  4. The drop ship wholesalers supplies images and product descriptions to incorporate into your web site.

  5. Let us say, a customer surfs his way into your web site, likes one of your drop ship products priced at $100 and purchases it. Your internet store charges their credit card for $100+shipping.

  6. You email the drop ship wholesalers mentioning the customer's Name and Address with the product code or details.

  7. The drop ship wholesalers sends the product directly to your customer, with Your stores name in the package.

  8. The drop ship wholesalers charges you the whole sale price of say $55+shipping. You can pay the distributor even by email using Paypal.

Your customer receives the product You just made a 
profit $45!

All you did was to send an email to the distributor. No warehousing, no expensive soft wares, no delivery problems and you are handling world-class brands! Is it a perfect home business idea?

Ok, now the source itself. Learn more about the drop ship directory.



How to Sell your ebooks and drop ship products

Now you have products to sell. Let us look at two easy ways out of the many, many ways of selling on the internet. 

1. eBay Auction!: eBay auction is another superb way to sell on the Internet! And ebay is the best! Have no doubts on this. With over 36 million registered and over 1000 categories customers come to you. eBay home page does most of the work. No need to be skilled at anything...except keeping your common sense antenna up.

Having made arrangements with "Drop ship wholesalers", you now have enough products at whole sale rates with sufficient margin to play around. And...Drop ship wholesaler only  need to know where to send the products...not how you sell them.

Or with Global Home Business Pro, you have Quality Digital products where the supply is forever! and you have 100% margin to play around!. 

Now go to the eBay Website!  and sign up FREE! You can accept payments by using Free Paypal services. Paypal is one of the best and is an accepted standard at ebay. 

What does this all mean! It just means that you have started selling High margin products with absolutely no up-front cost! Is it a perfect home business idea?

2. Set up yahoo store : If you have a website fine. But what if you do not have one. Well! the solution is yahoo stores...and yahoo not only gives a brand name to start with but also gives  hits! Needless to say you need hits and yahoo gets 12 million hits. Get your share. You can take a test drive for 10 days FREE with yahoo to see how it works.

You need people to visit your Internet Store!. With Yahoo, it?s built in. There are MILLIONS of shoppers at yahoo. That?s the only reason they ARE there?they?re SHOPPING. Your store should be exactly where people throng to shop! 

These stores are geared toward people with virtually NO computer or Ecommerce experience. The learning process is FREE. 

Pricing is simple. You pay $49.95/month for hosting, $0.10 per item per month, 0.5% transaction fee on all transactions, and 3.5% revenue share on transactions that originate on the Yahoo! Network. 

There is no startup fee and you can cancel whenever you want. By all means try out yahoo stores free for 10 days! They give it.  Learn more about yahoo store

The best strategy to adopt is first get your hands wet at eBay Auction and also try yahoo for 10 days. If both are working for you...well! you are on your way to profit.

3. Get Your Own Killer Mini Web site: There is Nothing to Beat this Option! According to Alpha del Bosque, the Master tactician,  mini-sites are "the perfect web business". And how couldn't it be if...

  • Mini sites are quick and easy to produce
  • Mini sites allow you to test your marketing 
    on the go
  • Mini web sites provide instant results
  • Killer Mini sites have *huge* response-rates

You may click here to hear more about Building a Killer Mini sites directly from Alpaha del Bosque.

Here's to Your Resounding Success!

Courteously --S. Kumar




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