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5 unorthodox email subject tricks -500% more responses!


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5 unorthodox email subject tricks -500% more responses!
By S. Kumar,

If your email subject lines doesn't get read -Nothing gets read!

And it is worse now! 

**DoubleClick Q2 E-Mail Trends Report, reveals that e-mail marketing click-through rates DROPPED in Quarter-2 to 4.9% from 6.8% in Quarter-1! These findings are based on 1.7 billion emails sent out by hundreds of clients. The report also reveals a bounce-back rate of 12.6%! -An all time HIGH.**

The writing on the wall is clear! email marketing strategies has to be redefined and innovated. 

And the FIRST STEP begins with the subject line! All the hard work that you have put up in setting up your email becomes useless if it is deleted.

The 5 different methods listed here will add a strong psychological punch to the subject line which will increase the chances of your message getting opened!

These suggestions are based on Research Data and my own personal experience where I get a click-through ratio of over 8%.

*#1: Keep The Subject Line Short And Different:*

The shorter the email subject line-the better. Add a little mystery to it. If possible associate it with money.

For e.g.: " John's $ 49.99 Refund!
The above subject line is what I use after my 5th
follow up for upgrading my eBook the Deluxe version.

Inside the body of the message the first sentence is the exact 'refund message' he will be getting if the customer choose for a refund after upgrading. I have been receiving a click through ratio of about 7.5 to the URL,  

*#2: Innovative Personalization On The Subject Line:*

Note the above subject line again! 
"John's $ 49.99 Refund!

If the customer name is john, 
It is better to say "John's $49.99 Refund! 
--Than to Say, John your $49.99 Refund

This works best on your 3rd follow up onwards. Or if your are giving something valuable like a Free Gift you can use it on the First email. e.g. "John's Free Gift!

*#3: 'RE: In Subject Line Is Very Important To People:*

Is there a different way to use RE:?

Consider these two examples,

The usual one - Re: John, your income stream!
The one I use - John -re: Your Income Stream!

The second one is the one that I use to drive traffic to the 50%-commission affiliate program for all my 38 info products. Again I get a click through ratio of 7.5% to the URL,  

*-#4: Use Quotation " In The Subject Line:*

Using quotation in the subject line arrests a persons eyes on the subject line. e.g.: "John's $49.99 Refund! 

*-#5: People Like To Be Updated, Upgraded And Remain Current:*

Use the word "update" and "upgrade" intelligently in the
subject line.

For e.g.: "John's important update. Open! 

Whenever I add a new affiliate program an email with the above subject line goes out to my valuable customers. The response rate has been good enough -especially when I am inviting them to join under me at: 

*Additional Tip*

You can use the personalization suggestion given above even in your autoresponder. For e.g. if the personalization tag given to you by your autoresponder
is <First_Name>, all you have to do is Insert:

"<First_Name>'s $49.99 Refund! --which will read as
"John's $49.99 Refund! (Watch " and 's)

I hope this article to be of use to you. There are many more 'email subject tricks' to be discussed which I will be covering in a future article as I have already stolen a major chunk of your valuable time!



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