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20 Invisible Benefits Of Writing Articles
That Leads To A Visible Income.

20 Invisible Benefits Of Writing Articles That Leads To A Visible Income
By S. Kumar,

Writing articles is one of the most ignored but the most potent free traffic-generation techniques that is freely available to anyone. The most surprising element is that anyone can write articles of about 500-700 words on any given day!

Writing articles is a sure fire way to quality publicity, but for god knows only reasons -- writing articles takes the last priority among our scheme of things!

Here are some of the most important benefits that will convince you to sit down on that keyboard and write away to your first article.

  1. Writing free articles does not cost you anything! It's free.

  2. You do not need an Oxford degree in English to write simple articles that gets published online. All you need is that willingness and type out your knowledge in short sentences.

  3. You can instantly reach out to many thousands of your target audience each and everyday without any effort from you.

  4. Your articles will position you as an established expert in your field within no time. It is the quickest way to achieving expert status.

  5. Your name becomes a valuable resource to other websites and eZines who are hungry for your content.

  6. Article distribution is the super fast speedway way to get one way high PR links. Especially with hundreds of new article directories popping up on the Internet every month!

  7. Unlike email safe lists and classified Ads, no spam filters can ever stop your article marketing and it gets a read a lot as your articles are permanently archived.

  8. Search Engines love new content and would be eager to slurp up your articles.

  9. Some your articles can in be in demand for years to come as new websites, newsletters, blog owners, and info product creators always need them.

  10. The beauty of your published articles is that it will always generate life-long residual Traffic.

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  1. Article distribution is viral marketing. Your article gets referred and republished again and again.

  2. 99% of the Article Submission Sites syndicate your articles via RSS -- which means even more traffic and exposure!

  3. You can freely submit your articles to ezine owners and web sites for publishing with your resource box placed at the end of the article that draws qualified crowd to your website for free.

  4. Once you have written enough number of articles, combine them into a free e-book. Judiciously, interspaced it with your Ads. Then simply give it away to your website visitors, subscribers, and customers allowing them also to give it away! That's viral marketing in action for you giving a continuous stream of more subscribers and more visitors.

  5. Go ahead and create an article directory on your web site. You can expect a large number of people coming to your website for free information. Also, tell your visitors to create an instant free article directory to their own web site simply by linking to yours. All these extra links can attract more traffic to your website.

  6. Why not modify your successful articles and submit them to print media that pay? Potential to make an extra income as a freelance writer from your existing successful articles that you have already tested.

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  1. Harness the power of related online communities like newsgroups, forums and email discussion groups. Submit your article with them too drive a sizable amount of traffic apart from getting positioned as an expert.

  2. Let people include your articles in their ebooks for free. Your article can climb into some of these free eBooks and reports giving you viral traffic again and again.

  3. Last but not least, keep your articles in an autoresponder and let people access them. Here's list of free autoresponders if you don't have one yet.

  4. Last but not least, convert your articles into talking videos with no programming using a service called Article Video Robot. It also submits your videos to video sites automatically driving in tremendous amounts of traffic.

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I hope these 20 reasons are enough for you to rush to that keyboard and finish that long pending article of yours. Now post it for free to as many article directories as possible!

Good luck!

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