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Welcome to 's Issue Of "HomeBiz-Tips" 

HomeBiz-Tips E-Mag
The Online Marketers Friendly E-Mag

Date: 2008-02-29 Issue:  February 15-29
S. Kumar, Editor, www.learnhomebusiness.com
Subscriber Base: 30,000+  


Hi ,

Have you insulated yourself from the unending series of big-guru product launches yet? Or are you still  a victim of these hypes...

Recently there has been of spurt of big guru launches that scintillates one with a promises for the future! It comes in forms like "How To" eBooks, videos, seminars, personal coaching and so on...all supposed to make you a millionaire, the lazy & easy way through shortcuts!

Well! It's time to insulate yourself from these empty promises of instant wealth! If these claims were true, then half of the world population will be Internet marketing millionaires.

To me some of these product launchers, including their JV partners, appears like obnoxious little weeds ruthlessly feeding on the simple folks who just want enough income to run a family comfortably.

Their modus operandi is simple.

  • Get some top list owners as JV partners. Manipulate their subscriber base with handsome commissions.

  • Install a specific date and countdown script on their site with a content rich video that shows when the product goes live.

  • A new blog started to build up interest among their JV partners, search engines and subscribers.

  • Time-limited-offer in place with a countdown script to increase demand.

  • Trying and influencing you to buy before the other guy buys it.

  • Stirring JV partners with top prizes from ipods to sports cars.

  • And on the launch day, the hell is cut loose in total marketing synergy.

There is nothing wrong with the above strategy as such. And making thousands of sales in one day is not a sin.

But what is fundamentally wrong is, most of these marketers know inside themselves that not even 1% of their buyers are ever going to use these products but they still target the naive buyers ruthlessly. Hype, JV partner's greed and highly exaggerated claims are shamelessly used to meet this agenda.

They know that 95% of the online entrepreneurs are desperate and are sitting ducks for their "quick fix solutions" and "instant money making formula".

It does not mean that these info-products do not have value! In fact, they do!

But you need to address some nagging questions before you buy from YOUR perspective:

  • Is there at least 1% chance that you will use any of these products -- ever?

  • Are you ready for it yet?

  • Are you  prepared to go through the steep learning curve involved in it?

  • Are you ready for the hard work involved?

If you have NOT given yourself at least 1% probability of using them, just do not fall for the hype and become a victim of your own making though the product may be right for someone else.

So when the next bombardment of the latest "Superior Tactics" hits you -- STOP, PAUSE & REFLECT.

Then decide.




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Wahmcart is such an easy ecommerce solutions for moms and other small businesses.

What it best does is:

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  • Offering Multiple Payment Options to your customers. WAHM Cart works with most popular credit card Merchant Accounts.

  • Unlimited Autoresponders, Newsletters & Mailing Lists help you follow up automatically with your customers or prospects.

  • Digital Product Delivery so you can be free of manually emailing customers their eBook/software orders and customers receive their purchase without waiting.

  • Tracking System so you know exactly which promotional efforts are paying off and which are dead in the water, never to be repeated again.

  • Affiliate Management System so you can have an team of people selling for you even when you aren't working.

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GUEST ARTICLE by John Jantsch

Social Networking with Training Wheels

Look, I don't really think that the mySpaces and Facebooks of the world are that important for the typical small business as they stand today. There may be very practical business reasons for some to actually use these and other, what are called social networks, for business gain, but most people that have jumped on the social network bandwagon have found themselves left with a "is this all there is" kind of feeling.

To those, I say this, the value of the current public social networks for business folks is not what you can get out of them for gain today, but what you can learn by using them for practical gain tomorrow. That's why SpacebookedIn makes sense for you now.

The real payoff in my opinion is that the wave to come after the Facebook bubble bursts is the "personalized business network." Once everyone of your customers and prospects knows how to use what are easily replicatable social networking tools, like building profiles, sharing video and connecting based on mutual interests, your job of building your own social business network around your own very specific community of niche will get a whole lot easier.

2008 will be the year of the personalized social business network. So, if you've decided to take a pass on the whole social networking trend, I would suggest that you use this handy list to start learning to ride this bike with the training wheels on.

Ten ways to get started with Social Networking

1) Read 10 blogs - sign-up for a Bloglines account and search for and subscribe to 10 blogs about social networking - you can return daily to your page on Bloglines to find and read all the new content on your 10. Of course you can add blogs about your industry and interests here too.

2) Comment on 10 blogs - posting relevant comments to blogs you read is a very simple form of social networking. It's also a good way to get some extra visitors your site or blog.

3) Join Facebook - Join and create a profile. Find and friend some of your existing contacts using tools on Facebook. You'll be surprised how many people you already know have Facebook accounts. Facebook has some real value for you because of the rich set of tools and large amount of active users. This is a great place to experiment with how people interact in social networks. Once you get your feet wet you may also find that Facebook is a great way to connect with business contacts you may never bump into otherwise.

4) Create a MySpace page - this service is really embraced primarily by musicians and the younger set. It also happens to have a large underbelly contingent so be warned, but it is a great tool for learning how to build a presence outside of your web site.

5) Join LinkedIn - this is a service that's been called Facebook for business. It is really about meeting and connecting with like-minded business folks. It is a great service for people looking for a job or to make connections with people who may be out of reach without an introduction.

6) Visit Ning - this is the largest custom social networking service that allows you to create your own community using a variety of tools that can be branded to match your current site.

7) Create a Workbench profile - this one's a little self-serving as this is my new social business networking site but it's a good example of the personalized business community that's the next wave for small business.

8) Create a Twitter account - this tool is pretty silly on the surface, it allows you to type in 160 characters or less what you are doing right now. It feels like a giant waste of time but a very large and active community has grown around this kind of micro-blogging and you should understand how people are using it.

9) Create a StumbleUpon profile - This is a social network built around discovering and recommending sites that you like. Active stumblers can send a lot of traffic your way.

10) Create a Digg account - this site allows you to keep up to the minute with what's happening in the world of business. Users submit and vote on what is believed to be the most important content.

You might also consider Mixx, Squidoo and Flickr as places to find and develop niche related communities when you're ready to really get out there.

Think of mySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook as your labs - get in there and experiment for the future. then start planning your own personalized social business network.

John Jantsch is a veteran marketing coach, award winning blogger and author of Duct Tape Marketing: The World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide. You can find more information by visiting DuctTapeMarketing.com

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No video creation, editing, equipment or html skills required from your part to do this. It's that easy!!

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1. Free File Upload/Download - :  Do you want to share large files up to 100MB with others? Upload and download lots of files, big files, small files, data files, media files, archives or backups - any files. Share files with your friends using E-mail, MySpace page, your blog, forums and so on...

This free service lets you do that. No need to register, activate, install or read manuals - just use the uploading form.

2. 37 Of The Best List Building Secrets Exposed -: Everyone knows that money is in the list. But what most do not know is how to build a responsive list! This manual reveals in simple terms how you too can build your high profit list -- if you take care of these 37 little details.

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Courteously -- S. Kumar

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