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ezine,magazine and e zines,free ezine,free flash website builder, free ad,news letter,good news letter,e magazine,free news letter, free newsletters

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Welcome to 's Issue Of "HomeBiz-Tips" 

HomeBiz-Tips E-Mag
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Date: 2009-02-28 Issue:  April 15-30
S. Kumar, Editor, www.learnhomebusiness.com
Subscriber Base: 30,000+  


Hi ,

Today, I have for you the shortest and easiest Web 2.0 traffic strategy in a capsule. Implement them and watch the benefits rolling in. Here are the steps to go.

Step 1: Let's start off with some sizzling content. Sit down and write something decent, not necessarily in good English but a content rich article oozing with usable information. Upload it your site or submit it to article directories like ezinearticles.com

Step 2: Next open up your PowerPoint/Keynote and make a quality slide show covering some parts of your article. Spice it up with vibrant pictures. Add some catchy punch lines. Have an eye on your titles and tags. Make sure that you brand ALL your slides and put a link to your full article. When you are done upload the slide show to SlideShare.com.

Step 3: Next comes making a screen capture video from this slide show. Use a software like Camtasia to do this. Make it interesting with some exciting voice over. Upload your new video to video hosting sites like YouTube. Again, be sure to be smart with your tags, title and the URL.

Important Note: If you find it challenging to make videos with voiceover out of your article, head on to Article Video Robot. This online video solution creates Video for your article with voiceover, animations, all the graphics and submit it to 17+ video sites without leaving your desk or touching a camera in 3 minutes flat! You can also test drive it for free here.

Step 4: You need the transcript of what you just said in the video. Type it up and convert it into a nice PDF. Again, take care of tags, descriptive title and the hosting URL. Upload this PDF to doc sharing sites like Scribd.com, Google Docs, DocStoc.com and FreeIQ.com.

Step 5: Now you have 4 materials. Your quality article, slideshow, video and the PDF transcript. Embed them into a web page. Preferably a blog. Because of the twitter widget that can ping twitter with a tweet to your followers about your new post. You can also do this manually from a static webpage.

Step 6: Time to Stumble your video, slideshow, PDF transcript and the blog post. Positive Stumbling leads to a lot more of quality traffic. Got to Stumbleupon.com to do this.

Step 7: Like an RSS feeder, FriendFeeder allows you to access scores of web 2.0 sites in one go saving you lot of time. Once you master this tool, you are destined for some big traffic. It allows you to bump your URL up every time when someone likes it or comment on it. Use all the material you just made with FriendFeeder.com

That's it! Just simple 7-steps to social media leverage that you can implement today.


To Your Success!


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  3. Next set the background that you want. Either your own or select from the many templates given.

  4. Next set the color, font and font size for the headline, sub-headings and the background.

  5. Now set the music background you want. Either your own or from the stock music files that comes along.

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GUEST ARTICLE by Diego Norte

How To Get A 50% Opt-in Rate

I sometimes get up to about 70%. But found it nearly impossible to get more than 70%.

However, I have almost always found it possible to get at least 40% and after some optimization work to move that up to 50%.

Here are some tips to get to 50%:

1. Use multi-variant testing software. There are dozens on the market. Just do a search. I sell one of the best, but for this purpose any of my competitors would work just fine.

2. Keep it very simple. Try just a headline and testimonial followed by your opt-in box first. Test everything against not having it at all including the headline and testimonial.

3. On something this simple, aesthetics mean everything. Test all fonts, sizes and colors. Test size and shape of the opt-in box. Test using a fancy border, white and non-white backgrounds. All of the aesthetics mean a lot more than on a sales page where the message means more.

4. The message is important though. Once upon a time, you could get 30% by just popping up a signing box saying "Free Report" or "Get our newsletter." That is no longer true at all. Your headline and the testimonial you use must sell the visitor on opting in.

5. Pull out the big guns and add a graphic, a guarantee or even a video. Generally these will harm your conversion rate on an opt-in form, but in some markets they are necessary to get it up to the 50%. Wait until you have tried all combinations of just a headline and testimonial along with the opt-in form first, but be prepared to add these if you can't get past 40% with just a headline and testimonial.

For more information about running a successful Internet business, visit Diego Norte's blog here: DiegoNorte.com/

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In short, ...everything you need to be a successful fiction writer is here...

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This site prepares you for just that. To make money in various ways from the Internet.

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1. Nine Lazy And Simple Tricks To Double Your Article Traffic - :  As the title says, its a pin-point what-to-do report. Writing web articles and submitting them offers huge targeted traffic potential.

But you need to know the different roots to get there and swiftly elicit its benefits in the shortest time possible...the lazy way. This free reports tells you how to do it.

2. Double Your Video Traffic The Lazy Way -: This short report discusses what are the videos that actually sparks off the attention, gets seen on video site and virally gets referred to for flooding traffic.

There is also an eight-level video viewer strategy to be implemented in a chronological order. Must read section.

3. Dirty Internet Marketing Playbook -: Like to play dirty? This eBook is a revelation on the fine art of persuasion that can be applied to any online business.

The tips start with creating positive controversies that can pull up your sagging sales...

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Special Note: Two facts for you today - better know it early itself.

1. The known fact is that 96 percent of the online businesses fail.

2. And the unknown fact is that... 82 percent among these 96 percent failed businesses never used an autoresponder!

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