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Welcome to 's Issue Of "HomeBiz-Tips" 

HomeBiz-Tips E-Mag
The Online Marketers Friendly E-Mag

Date: 2009-01-31 Issue:  January 15-31
S. Kumar, Editor, www.learnhomebusiness.com
Subscriber Base: 30,000+  


Hi ,

Allow me to brag a little :-)

Because I need to make sure that you understand this...

I've stopped long back accepting business advice from anyone who isn't making the amount of money that I want to make.

This includes my friends, my brother, my sister, my wife and my parents and everyone else who does not make the kind of money that I dream of making! To be frank, except one or two, I do not know anyone in my immediate circle who is a multi millionaire.

While I love my dear ones and respect them deeply, It's not their forte to give me uncalled advice on something which they do not know any better than me. Especially, telling me how a business won't work and bringing in the security angle! So I never listen to them when it comes to making money or loosing money.

And If YOU are dead serious about your online business, you will certainly be served with all kinds of advices though with good intentions.

But you simply cannot afford to listen to them.

Here's my 4-Step formula for getting good advices.


Learn from believable and credible sources: Read and listen to people who has actually "been there and done that". Keep your eyes open and ears sharp. Listen to them with an open mind - no matter even if it goes against your beliefs.


Implement the new found ideas as quickly as possible: Do not delay. Put into practice the very next second what you learned. Let the new learning cements in to your system and give a thrust to your forward motions.


Determine & Analyze the responses you get from the market: Give yourself a thorough and thread-bare analysis of what happens. Jot down the pros and cons in an unbiased way. See the results exactly as it is and not the way you want it be.


Study from it and better your approach: You will always find that you can improve your results by making adjustments and tweaks even if you find yourself faced with a bad result. If your fundamental learning was correct, you will hit upon improvisations and soon you will be zooming towards your goals.

Keep your dream alive and follow your heart. Cling on to it more than ever when the going gets tough.



To Your Success!




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Get A Forex Robot That Is Capable Of Doubling Your Money Every Single Month... And Is The ONLY ONE With LIVE PROOF!

Many "Forex Trading Robots" exists in the market. They aim to provide a solution for people who prefer to trade the Forex market on autopilot. These automated robot trading software's lets you trade in a hands-off way.

Fap Turbo is one such neat software. The user needs no prior experience of Forex trading to operate on this "Plug & Play" concept. The developer saw to it that all that the user needs to understand is to know how to download a software and act on it. And from then on, Fap Turbo takes over.

FAP Turbo

Fap Turbo functions in a Meta Trader platform which most brokers allow their clients with. It communicates with a Forex broker as long as you remain connected to the Internet.

Fap Turbo operates on two in-built strategies:

1. Short Term Strategy
2. Long Term FAP Strategy

Each strategy is configured for it's own time-frame and currency pairs. For e.g. Long term strategy acts upon only on EUR/USD M1. The short term strategy uses 4 pairs: EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF, EUR/CHF & USD/CAD, M15 time-frame.

Both methods are built inside one Fap Turbo expert advisor and can be turned on/off. Each method uses it's own configured time-frame and currencies. This makes sure that you use the right technique on the suitable currency pair and timeframe. Each method is made very clear in the instructional manuals and video instructions.

Fap Turbo controls a "Stealth Mode" that assists you to ward off cheating by the broker. Stealth mode conceals the take-profit and stop-loss appraises from the brokers; so they're revealed as zero, but in reality they're not zero, they're internal fixed values. The Stealth mode can be switched on/off at your discretion and choice.

FAP Turbo

Fap Turbo applies fixed stop-loss values which means trading is real safe and dependable. With the stealth mode on, some orders are shut down ahead of the take-profit and stop-loss is reached. The software exhibits faked "greater take-profit and stop-loss values" to display to the broker, but concludes trades according to the actual inside take-profit and stop-loss indicators that are lower. This know-how will protect you, and empowers you to stay on safe.

The Final Verdict: Fap Turbo is the one and only one application of it's kind presently available for trading actual money accounts. In fact, it presently does trades as big as $30,000 and very lately that figure has been tripled. You can view the real-time stats & results on their website, updated trading statements, continually refreshed every 15 minutes!

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GUEST ARTICLE by Diego Norte

Small Business Marketing

One of the toughest challenges of marketing is connecting the creative process to techniques that maximize the promotional results. Most smart, passionate small business owners know their businesses better than anyone, but they lack the specific knowledge to channel that energy into marketing success.

The Internet and Web 2.0 are bringing these savvy entrepreneurs all of the tools to execute a world-class marketing plan. Unfortunately, there is still that missing piece--knowledge.

Old school marketing firms and ad agencies are trapped in business models sustained by big retainers, long-term contracts, and little accountability. This is a recipe for good money chasing bad execution, in an economy that can't afford it.

In contrast there are some emerging options, provided by more innovative marketing firms. Leveraging Internet tools, social marketing, and new mobile techniques these new marketing firms are specializing in strategy and expertise, leaving execution to their clients.

Here are a few hints to save you money and squeeze the most out of your marketing spend:

1. Find Experience: Look for firms with talent and proven experience. Survey their impact on the Internet. Ask associates for referrals and references. An effective Internet marketing firm should be easy to find.

2. Pay for Expertise, Not Execution: Chance are you are heavy on smart people, while light on marketing expertise and budget. So, find a marketing partner that will work with you to balance that mix. Look for specific how-to advice and guided strategy. Then do the heavy lifting yourself.

3. Look for A La Carte Services: Don't pay for the whole marketing department when you just need a few targeted services. Look for coaching and expertise in copywriting, press releases, and campaign management, not managing your message or "communications." You probably have better knowledge of your target market any way--and how to get their attention. Ask (and pay) for only what you need to get it done, and nothing more.

4. Discard Retainers for Pay-As-You-Go: Retainers are for multi-national, Fortune 50 companies. Pay only on performance, as you go. This more closely aligns a marketing partner with your goals and objectives, while minimizing your long-term risks.

5. Results are the Final Measure: Bottom-line sales and revenue producing results are the most important objectives of any business, but particularly a small or medium-sized business. This is why you may find great marketing firms willing to let you employee their expertise, while giving you the responsibility and savings for implementation and measurement. This assures that their services are credible and drives immediate value.

Find do-it-yourself marketing options for your next ad or marketing campaign. Hire expertise and retain execution and measurement. You get to lead the marketing charge, giving you more for you marketing dollar.  

Stop Spending Money And Start Making Money With Your Own Internet Business Starting Right Now... 100% Guaranteed!

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1. Unselfish Marketer Membership-:  This continues to lead this month. Taking a membership here is like taking a lottery ticket where you are guaranteed to win the top price!

Simply put, it's a Comprehensive Suite Of Exclusive Services that equips you with every facet that you will need to run a highly successful Internet Business from home. Includes about 2000 products to sell, autoresponders, scripts and much more.

Must-Be-A-Member site... True value for money.

Unselfish Marketer Membership
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2. Script Bonanza 2009 -:  This is awesome package that contains ONLY marketing software's and scripts to the tune of 200+ products. Just updated with 28 more products.

You will find every script and software that you need to run your online business smoothly and on top gear.

Here's the special back door page for my valuable subscribers and the readers of this eZine where you pay $50 less than others.

Scripts Bonanza 2009
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1. Free Download Manager - :  This is an extremely powerful, easy-to-use and absolutely free software that can increase the download speed up to 600%. It's 100% safe, open source software distributed under GPL license. Http/Ftp/BitTorrent and even Flash video downloads are supported and can resume broken downloads.

You can also download videos from video sites, such as Youtube, Google Video, etc. The video can then be saved in native .flv format or converted to one of more popular video formats.

2. Yaab Autoblogger Plugin For Wordpress -: A neat WP plugin that can create automated blog posts using rss feeds. Looks like any other similar plugin at first glance, but there are many extra features. Content duplication is not an issue as the auto carnival feature can be used to run a full carnival in your site on a regular basis (say, every sunday).

You can automatically syndicate YouTube videos and video descriptions in to your blog using Yaab-Autoblogger. This can help you create a completely automated YouTube clone website.

You can post blog entries by sending SMS. Yaab can reformat your messages in to title and content and publish in your blog.

3. PHP Comment Script -:  The script can be included in your website pages and allows your visitors to leave comments. The comments can be edited and deleted in the admin area.

A great free script where your visitor can add real-time comments to your content.

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Courteously -- S. Kumar

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