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ezine,magazine and e zines,free ezine,free flash website builder, free ad,news letter,good news letter,e magazine,free news letter, free newsletters

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Date: 2010-03-15 Issue:  March 1-15
S. Kumar, Editor, www.learnhomebusiness.com
Subscriber Base: 30,000+  


Hi ,

Ever thought of owning a content rich blog that runs on autopilot as well generates a decent income automatically?

Here's the simple project strategy that fetches you an autopilot income the lazy way.

Step 1: You need something to sell. Could be either your own or an affiliate product from networks like Clickbank that's selling good.

Step 2: Register your domain and a get a hosting. Both are cheap now a days. Install the free WordPress blog. Usually, one click WP installation comes with your hosting services.

Once WP is installed, you will need some WP plugins.

a. You need a plugin like "Import CSV" to upload many articles at once. You may also use similar plug-ins.

b. You'll need a plugin called "Get Random Page". This enables you to publish articles at random from sub-pages under the main Page number that you define in the tag. You'll know the reason to do this later.

c. Another plugin you need is "Old Post Promoter" or "Scheduled Post Shift" to rotate your old content.

d. Finally, you require "Page Link Manager" plugin to hide pages.

You'll find these Plugins too very handy:

Platinum SEO - To boost your SEO efforts
Simple Tags - For auto-tagging
Extended Excerpt - For auto-excerpt
GoCodes - To cloak your affiliate links

Note: You can download most of the above plugins directly from the Wordpress plugins page itself.

Step 3: You need content for your blog. But you don't need PLR though they may be more beneficial, but it's not essential. Just pull relevant articles from article directories like ezinearticles.com as RSS feeds on to your website. Remember to follow the TOS in these directories.

Step 4: Go to SpyFu.com and search for the keywords related to your product. Go for keywords that people actually pay for. Get the maximum number or as much as you think is required.

Step 5: Now, this is important. You need to write a wide variety of different "Intro" paragraphs, using the keywords you picked up. Write as many as possible. These "intro" paragraphs will be your signature except they will appear on top of your articles. Insert one or two keywords per intro paragraph.

For e.g. "Hey, we have another article covering KEYWORD for today on the SUBJECT blog - more great KEYWORD articles like what you see below are published quite frequently. Do visit us again.

Now, here comes the most important key to the puzzle.

"Hyperlink your keywords in the intro paragraphs with your affiliate links or product links." This way you're using the keywords that people pay for to build automated SEO links.

Next is to make a "Parent" Page on your blog and call it "Intros". Put each intro you wrote on its own page with the "Intros" page as its parent.

Once you have finished with all of these pages, use the "Page Link Manager plugin" mentioned above and hide them all.

Step 6: It's time to edit your blog theme. Put the PHP Call for "Get Random Page" into the body of your posts. Place the code after the headline but before the body content. Set it to pull content from the "Intros" category you assigned.

This pulls a random intro from the many you created, and will place it at the top of your article post. i.e. before the article begins. Importantly, your intro includes a backlink to your affiliate promo page.

Step 7: Now, set up the "Old Post Promoter" or "Scheduled Post Shift" plugin. This rotates all the content on a wise basis. Usually, one post per week for a year is enough. i.e. about 50 articles a year.

Step 8: Time to propagate your blog. Submit your blog's RSS feed URL to all the feed directories possible.

Step 9: That's it! You have created a legal blog with good content that will rotate forever on autopilot! One that ceaselessly build backlinks to your products and affiliate programs. Use the affiliate cloaker 'GoCodes' mentioned in Step 2.

Other Suggestions To Improvise Your Blog

- You can also place an Opt-In box above every article and/or just below the bio box in the article. Also drop some autoresponder emails sell the product too.

- You could use adsense or such services too.

Try this simple project. You'll be surprised with the results when you consider the time involved in creating it as it is a truly set-it-once and forget it method.


To Your Success!


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7 Wordpress Twitter Plugins to Spice up Your Blog

Although I have been involved with Twitter from shortly after it’s launch there is so much to learn. People come up with different ways to use Twitter to market and develop a community of people and this is one great area of Twitter to follow. The other area of Twitter that is equally as great is all the plugins and hacks that are developed to make the entire Twitter experience more and more unique.

I want to list a number of Wordpress Twitter Plugins that you should know about for your personal Twitter experience.

Tweet Meme: You are possibly familiar with the little graphic that shows the number of tweets a blog post has and then you see a green button under that number that says retweet. This is the Tweet Meme plugin for Wordpress and it makes it easy for your visitors to tweet your blog to their Twitter feed.

Tweetbacks: With the explosion of blogging and Twitter this Wordpress plugin will import Tweets about your post as comments. You can display the tweetbacks nested in other comments on your blog or display them separately. The more comments you have on your site the better ranking your page can get in Google since it shows activity and value.

Twitter Tools: Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. Twitter Tools integrates with Twitter by giving you the following functionality:

  • Archive your Twitter tweets (downloaded every 10 minutes)
  • Create a blog post from each of your tweets
  • Create a daily or weekly digest post of your tweets
  • Create a tweet on Twitter whenever you post in your blog, with a link to the blog post
  • Post a tweet from your sidebar
  • Post a tweet from the WP Admin screens
  • Pass your tweets along to another service (via API hook)

Twit this: Place some simple code on your site to create a graphic or a text link that people can click to post a Tweet to their Twitter account.

Twitt twoo: Twitt-Twoo is a simple little plugin that will allow you to update your Twitter status right from your blog’s sidebar. AJAX takes cares of the hard work, and means that your page doesn’t even have to reload, allowing for quick and easy status updates. Displays your latest Twitter status, and when it was last updated.

Twitter Updater: The Twitter Updater automatically sends a Twitter status update to your Twitter account when you create, publish, or edit your WordPress post. You can specify the text for the updates, and also have the option to turn the auto update on/off for the different post actions in the admin panel.

Twittar Wordpress Plugin: This Wordpress plugin will try to load the twitter avatar of the person leaving a comment on a blog post. It will try to match the email address in the comment to the Twitter account. If this cannot be done it will attempt to use the Gravatar. There are a number of other style settings you can use for customization.

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