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The Unseen Frontiers Of Web 2.0 Marketing Waiting To Be Unlocked!
 By S. Kumar

Online business scenario is undergoing a drastic change with a
new tasty flavor - Web 2.0 Marketing! And the influence of web marketing 2.0 is increasing by leaps and bounds.

This immediately calls for our present internet marketing strategies to be re-evaluated. You may not be aware of this but most big Gurus of Web 1.0 era are privately convinced that Web Marketing 2.0 has *Some Very Big Things To Offer* to online marketers. And all of them are covertly working on their new Web 2.0 marketing plan to remain where they are!

But the confusing question is,

What is Web 2.0 Marketing Or Social Media Marketing?

Traditional marketing which we are used to and taught till now is an extremely tight and controlled process! Marketing messages are developed, altered, crafted and delivered in a very organized way where the public does not have much of a role to play!

But with Web Marketing 2.0, this pyramid-of-influence model paves the way to an interactive peer-to-peer communication.

In simple and plain terms, Web Marketing 2.0 is all about connecting to your prospects through,

  • Social Media Sites. For e.g. Social Photo & Video Sharing sites like flickr, picasa, YouTube etc.

  • Social Networks Sites like MySpace, Facebook, etc

  • Interactive forums

  • Social Bookmarking Sites like, furl

  • Blog publishing like Wordpress, Blogger etc

  • RSS feeds of your contents

  • Viral marketing/word of mouth/sharing of materials

And the list goes on...

Web Marketing 2.0 is more about our websites being more interactive with our site visitors where they can contribute. Its also about making our site simple and plain with lot of visitor choices available for collaboration. It is about that addictive 'Halo' effect emanating from your site!

Web 2.0 Marketing is also about making our presence felt through out the various genre of Web 2.0 sites that holds the in-built capacity to propagate your business inflammable heights way beyond traditional way!

And you can't afford to ignore this New Marketing Engine that can shaping up your future!

Explore how you can skyrocket  your online business into the new flaming world of Web 2.0 Marketing and Social Media Marketing -- With 78+ Web Marketing 2.0 Tools!: Simply Visit Here For The Surprise Of Your Life-Time!.

Let's explore some of the Decisive Marketing Opportunities hiding behind the Web 2.0 marketing platform. It's waiting to be unleashed, once you adopt the Web Marketing 2.0 methods in spite of what online business you are in now!

  1. Develop Your Personal Brand Continually:  Web 2.0 Marketing technologies gives YOU the option of becoming a brand yourself. You can create a group of loyal communities exclusive to you. Which in turn provides a rock solid platform for viral marketing. You can be the originator to perpetuate and accelerate word of mouth publicity for your business - the best form of publicity ever discovered!

  3. Empowers You To Deliver Your Message To The Right People:  Combine information from multiple sources by tapping into the expertise of an entire community, generate new knowledge and deliver them! These strong connections can help your businesses operate faster pace and more efficiently.

  4. Collaborate With Others & Unlock New profit Streams:  The person-to-person contacts that Social Media Marketing creates can be effectively utilized as a powerful lead generation and an affiliate building weapon to expand your your business to higher levels.

  5. Build Your Credibility In A Short Time: More and more of your community members will start looking up to you as 'the expert' in town. Once your reputation sells for itself, your products are automatically sold!

  6. Appear At The Right And Best Places:  You know that, as an Internet marketer, you must be at places where you should be and then convert your presence into targeted traffic. The potential for traffic in the Web Marketing 2.0 scene is much more than that you ever got!

  7. Increased Search Engine Traffic:  Search engines somehow likes these new Web.20 sites. Getting back links from many high PR Web 2.0 sites, can set your site climb the search engine ladder. Your web site gets crawled quite frequently and more deeply than other conventional methods like Article marketing.

  8. Utlize Other's Social Networks And Contacts:  Leveraging time, money and your contacts puts you in the zero-cost marketers seat. Your marketing results don't stop when you don't advertise.

  9. Be An Integral Part Of The Raving Multimedia Wave:  Just create short videos and post them! YouTube and burgeoning similar video-sharing sites are there for you on a platter for free! The effect of videos and audios can boost up your business to the top boards easily - anytime and more effective than text!

  10. Become The Remarkable Guy/Girl:  Offer interesting and riveting material to your site visitors hat they can use now, can be bookmarked and share them on or offline. Social media marketing thus transforms into an effective tool in ultimate viral marketing. You know that interesting ideas, videos, audios, content and your products gets spread like unstoppable wild fire in and around the Internet reaping you continual profits for years to come.

In short, Web 2.0 Marketing lets you think creatively and then make good marketing choices in the new Web Marketing 2.0 scenario that has a higher success rate than the average Web 1.0 methods.

Any way, the truth is we need to accept changes in business strategies for our own good - online or offline!

Hope you agree with me on this...

S. Kumar is the webmaster and owner of, the site he started from a remote village in India and took it to one of the top ranked sites in the world!. Visit his "224+ Super Web 2.0 Marketing Tools Bonanza" for a personal verification.


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