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What Do I Put In My Ezine?
by Terri Seymour


You are so excited because your website is finished. Your business is officially open. You are going to start an ezine to help build your business. You have an idea of what to do with your ezine and know how you are  going to promote it. The only questions you have left are what do I put in my ezine and where do I get it?

There are a lot of good ideas for your ezine. You must always remember your goals with your ezine. You should promote your business and provide useful resources and information for your subscribers. You also want to build trust and relationships with your readers. Giving subscribers a good ezine with a lot of good info is the way to do it!

*Informative Articles - You definitely want to provide some good articles that have some useful, practical information and maybe some resource links. There are a lot of good article writers and you should also Try To Write Some Articles. It is always good to have some original content and articles are a great way to promote your business also. Visit these sites to find and/or post articles: 

Here is a super way to submit your articles to over 600+ Free Article Directories!

Email lists for posting or requesting articles:

mailto:[email protected]
mailto:[email protected]
mailto:[email protected]

*Resource Links - You should provide links to sites that have resources and information pertaining to your ezine subject matter.


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*Question & Answer - You could have a Q&A section for answering some commonly asked questions about what your business entails.

*Add a Little Fun - Throw in a joke or a link to a fun site. It never hurts to add a smile to someone's day!

*Ad Swaps - You should always have room for ad swaps. This is a great way to get good content for your ezine as well as additional exposure for your business. To find publishers to swap with: 

*Reader Feedback - You can provide a section for your readers to voice their opinion on your ezine or something that pertains to your business. This is a good way for readers to get involved with you and your ezine.

*You - Have a section where you talk to your readers and let them know they can contact you whenever they have questions. This is a good place for you to keep your readers informed on what is going on in your business, with new product updates, changes in your website, etc. This also lets your readers get to know you, which helps
build trust.

*General Interest - put links, tidbits, news, products, etc. which you think might interest your readers. These do not always have to be business, but anything that is interesting or useful.

To find out more about ezine publishing go to: & 

Experiment with your ezine. Change things around, add new things, change the design. Make your ezine an extension of you and your business. Take the time to publish a quality ezine and your business and reputation will flourish!


Terri Seymour is the publisher of Web Success Ezine and owner of Web Success Central. You can contact her at mailto:[email protected] Subscribe to Web Success Ezine and receive two free gifts by sending any email to mailto:[email protected] or visit Web Success Central at for lots of resources, helpful information and moneymaking programs.
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